PaaS or SaaS

There is a big debate going on with these two buzz words. Before we get to the point of this post, let’s first examine what they are… and what they mean by to the development force.

SaaS : By definition it goes like this, Software As A Service. In the good olden days, we are used to think the application as whole system and all the modules have to function only with in. But as the technology evolved and the new horizons are leading the development process to newer levels, we got a new dimension as “Web Service”. This concept then further raise the functionality of the individual modules belonging to the big application turn into smaller parts of reusable components by other applications as well. Resulting the module as a service altogether for any and every consumer application.

This left the architects to view their application in smaller, exportable as well as consumable by different vendors or applications. This led to the concept of designing every application to foresee the reusability and come up with a kind of an architecture, so that every module inside the application is targeted as service. Hence the concept of “Software as a Service”

PaaS : By definition it goes like this, Platform As A Service. In the recent days, the paradigm of application switched over from an individual point of a specialized vertical to the combination with the external functionality as well. As mentioned above, the applications started consuming the Services from external world and expanding their domain functionality. The industry is not just satisfied there with.

Some thing more wanted and flexibility with in the application brought the idea of “Platform neutral” into limelight. Resulting that the application concept attain the new veneer. The architects started visualizing the need for the application platform, as a whole, to be flexible enough to work as a service. Leading to the new scope of web availability to every anonymous user.


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