Douglas Crockford talk about WEB

This is a nice talk about how the web evolved and where it should have been as of this day. According to Douglas Crocford, instead of progressing into new technology, we are degrading our technology into where it all started.

Shocking !!! isn’t it !!! .. listen to him from his own voice. Am convinced with his idea, and certain facts that he is mentioning about are REAL. According to him, we are doing research on the great thoughts that are published way back in the history by many great scholars.

This is the first time am giving attention to such talks. Probably because of this, I felt that this talk has many points to give attention. Anyhow, overall this is a great talk and every mind that want to contribute to the progress of our technology, should listen to him and put some thought process towards these points.

Did you listen to this ??

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