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Using the New Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers with Windows XP

Viewing Recorded TV on a Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Center

Using Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers and Windows Media Player 10

Guide To Error C00D11BB In Windows Media Player

Error C00D11BB or Unsupported Protocol has not had a single solution presented here.  Below is a list of steps taken by others with the problem that worked in their case.


General Information

  • Most of the time you will receive this when you are trying to stream a file over a protocol used by another program.  Examples of this would be a stream in RealMedia.


  • Download and reinstall Windows Media Player.  Don’t try and uninstall it first.
  • Navigate to Tools | Options | Files Types in WMP.  Highlight the extension that you are having problems streaming, make sure it’s checked and press Ok.
  • If your system has RealPlayer or RealOne installed try the steps below.
    • Open RealPlayer, go to Tools, Preferences, File Types tab.  Look under File Types.  Uncheck everything except RealAudio and RealVideo files.
    • Uncheck the box to make RealPlayer the default player.
    • Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools | Internet Options | Programs and check Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser.
    • 3) Reinstall Windows Media Player.  Select all supported file types when asked.
    • 4) Restart your PC and then try and access the stream.
  • Check HTTP and Uncheck Multicast, UDP, TCP under Tools | Options | Network
  • Select all Streaming Protocols that you just disabled from above.

WMP 10 This Week + MSN Music?

According to Sillicon the release of Windows Media Player 10 is right around the cornor!  Not only that, the article states that Microsoft will also be opening the MSN Music Store with the release.  Could this be true?  WMP 10 and MSN Music to both launch this week?

Or a different note, I have to say good job to Microsoft for this Digital Media Mall idea that WMP 10 has.  If you don’t know about it you can see the early makings in the WMP 10 Technical Beta.  The basic idea is to give you choices to online media stores to purchase music, movies, etc.  It is clear that this is were the media player market is going.  RealNetworks gas their store, Apple has the iTunes Music Store, now Microsoft will have the MSN Music Store.  But the good part is if the MSN Music Store does not have the media you are looking for, their will be other stores one click away!

Better DVD Playback Through MCE Project!

Could be an interesting thing to watch over at TGB.  Hacking up MCE a bit to allow for better quality DVD Playback and Post Processing with ffdshow.  Currently you can’t do any type of post processing through MCE, for reasons unknown.  This would also allow anyone to fix the Dolby Digital output problems they have in MCE, which is also not uncommon.  Check out the thread below for more information and please add anything if you have comments.

Are You Interested In More Powerful DVD Playback?

DVR 2 WMV Final To Be Released!

It should only be a small amount of time now until the final version of DVR 2 WMV will be released.  Once released it will be in the Download Center at The Green Button (TGB).

For anyone who might not know, this application will allow you to take DVR-MS files (Recorded TV In MCE) and convert them to Windows Media Video (WMV).  WMV allows you to keep great quality and much smaller files.

This Download Is Now Live!

TGB Download Center

Would You Buy A Portable Media Center?

Looks for some feedback here, are you interested in purchasing a Portable Media Center (PMC)?  If so, for what reasons?  If not, also what reasons.  What would you like to see different from what Portable Media Center’s currently are?  Is the price to high?  Is this just ot something you would like to use?  Are you interested in other devices that do the same?  Are you just not sure about any of it becuase you have not seen or heard enough about it?  What bugs you about them from what you know or what do you like about them?

Introducing Portable Media Centers (Pre-Sale)

My DVD Collection 2004! [RC0 Released]

I don’t think I have blogged about this before, but I’m kicking myself for not having done it before.  My DVD Collection 2004 is an DVD Indexing App for Windows MCE.  This application includes a nice interface to add your movies in Windows.  It will gets all of the movie information for you, so you get the Director, Rating, URL, DVD Release Date, Tagline, etc all downloaded for you with a single click.  This also does Actor’s in the movie.  So it will get the Actors Pics for each movie, nice for indexing since you can search all of your movies based on one actor!  It also does a great job of importing the Cover Artwork for you, no need to go search and find it yourself.

Add all of that with the great, cool, clean interface from controling this via your remote from inside MCE 2004!  This is freeware, but if you like the application you might donate a bit for all of the hard work that was put into it!

Your DVD’s can be stored on your PC, in compress formats, or just have them on the original DVD and pop it in when you are ready to play it.  You can still index them and keep all the cool extra info, without ripping them to your hard drive!  This is a huge plus for people who either don’t wish to rip them or who just want a better interface for catalog or index them.

My DVD Collection 2004 Homepage & Download

My DVD Collection 2004 – Release Candidate 0