4 thoughts on “Display Album Art While In Mini-Mode!”

  1. If you copy a CD to your hard drive and use the Find Album Info function, Energy Bliss works fine.

    If you create a folder, put your own music in it, and create your own Folder.jpg and AlbumArtSmall.jpg, Energy Bliss ignores the pictures. This process is good enough for the regular Album Art option. For Energy Bliss, you have to use Find Album Info and go through that process. It then uses the smaller AlbumArtSmall.jpg which looks awful (which is easily resolved by making a copy of Folder.jpg and renaming it to AlbumArtSmall.jpg).

  2. It would also be nice if it was capable of displaying longer song names. It is limited to two lines for song names and truncates instead of using the available space.

  3. Why is the album art not option not available in skin mode – only full mode?

    Makes no sense.

    The energy bliss viz kinda stinks, it is a CPU hog, leaks memory, and I dont need fluffy clouds – I just want the album art in skin mode.

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