Portable Media Center’s = Cool Portable Devices

I got my Portable Media Center (PMC) today and I have to say it’s much more then I expected! I hooked it up today, installed the software, and then started to sync. Windows Media Player 10 did a great job moving all the content directly to the device.  I moved a few movies, TV shows, and a bit of music to the PMC just to test it out. I have got to say, it’s very cool.

Many people have said (Including myself at times) that a laptop beats the need for a Portable Media Center. Not true at all here. I can’t see picking my laptop over the PMC in most of my uses, and I have a small laptop to start with. First off, the PMC is as thin as my laptop. It’s lighter then my laptop. I can keep 5 PMC’s in the space it takes just for my laptop! Quality on the device is fine for normal use. It gets bad if you want to use TV out since the resolution of the content is so low. That’s the only reason I would use my laptop (Except my X40 doesn’t have S-Video out).

Control of the PMC could not be easier. The interface mocks Windows Media Center Edition with additions to make it very easy to use with your hands. I just love this device, and I’m sure I will be posting more about it as I spend more time with it!

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