AnandTech: Likely No CableCARD Support For Shuttle This Year

AnandTech at Computex 2005 | We mentioned in our first coverage of Shuttle’s Pentium M solution at CES that the solution was going to launch with support for a CableCard reader. The CableCard reference design is complete and is ready to go into the next version of Media Center Edition, however it seems that concerns over DRM are preventing it from coming to market. Despite the product being done, it doesn’t look like this XPC will be able to launch with CableCard support by the end of this year.


Hmm, kind of sounds like something I have heard before!

4 thoughts on “AnandTech: Likely No CableCARD Support For Shuttle This Year”

  1. I have no idea at all. It might have been based on that, I don’t know anyone at AnandTech so I really can’t say. There should of been reps from Shuttle at Computex, so they might have let on to it. I really can’t say which it might be though.

  2. The technology should exist to physically do a CableCARD inside a PC, it’s what happens with the content after it’s been decrypted and is completely user accessible on the PC. Nothing exists at this point (AFAIK) that can provide the security needed for Microsoft to get the certification from Cable Labs to add support in Media Center/

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