S1Digital Launches Media Center Mini Edition (The Mighty Mini)

S1Digital, builder of premium digital home entertainment
systems, today announced the launch of the Media Center Mini Edition, a new
generation of Media
Center that strikes a
balance between portability, space and power to deliver a digital theater
experience anytime, anywhere.

About the size of a book, the Media Center Mini Edition is a
full featured Media
Center and PC designed to
meet all of your home entertainment needs.  Powered by an Intel Core Duo
processor, the Mini runs Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005 and is Intel Viiv
Technology compliant.  Why settle for less when the Mini Edition is the
perfect way to extend content around the home or as an on-the go digital media

Mini Edition uses include:

  • Play back all of your primary Media Center
    content in another room, including recorded TV, movies, videos and music.  Great for the
    kitchen, bedroom or any room where space is limited.
  • Add a touch screen interface for simple control without a
    keyboard, mouse or remote control.  Using S1Digital’s soon to be released
    home automation solution, control your lights, A/C, security and other home
    theater equipment.
  • Load your movies, music and recorded TV and take it with
    you.  Don’t forget the Mini Edition is a powerful PC as well so you can surf
    the Internet, play games and do your work (although we don’t recommend you do
    your work while on vacation).

“We’ve had customers put the Mini Edition on a yacht, in
their kitchens, even in the bathroom,” said Paul Heitlinger, S1Digital founder
and CEO.  “With a Media Center
this small, the possibilities are up to you.”

Center Mini Edition

  • Windows Media Center
    Edition 2005 with Rollup 2
  • Intel Core
    Duo T2300 (1.66GHz) Dual Core (Yonah) CPU
  • 945GM +
    ICH7M-DH With Intel Viiv Technology
  • 1GB DDR2
  • 80GB SATA
    Hard Drive with Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
  • 5.1 Channel
    High Definition Audio – with digital optical or analog outputs
  • 10/100/1000
    MB/s wired network connection and internal 802.11b/g wireless option
  • DVD+/-RW
  • Intel
    GMA950 video with DVI, Component Video and RGB output
  • Internal
    speaker, IEEE1394 Firewire
  • 6.49″
    W x 1.96″ H x 6.49″ L
  • Only 2.4

For further information on the Media Center Mini Edition or
any of our other

Centers and digital
entertainment solutions please visit www.s1digital.com,
email sales@s1digital.com
or call (888) 632-6897.  Coming very soon, The S1Digital Experience
showroom, New York City!

Press Contact
Risa L Arin
116 East 7th
New York,
NY 10009
(888) 632-6897

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AMD Cranks Up The Volume On Digital Entertainment With The AMD LIVE! PC

AMD announced today the next milestone in
digital entertainment with the AMD LIVE! PC — a full-featured, easy-to-use
media center PC, designed to enable consumers to organize, distribute, share,
and enjoy their content collection throughout the home and on the go. Leading
OEMs including Acer, Alienware, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Gateway, HP, Sahara,
and Tsinghua Tongfang, as well as system builders in North America, Western
Europe, and China, will have AMD LIVE! PCs, powered by the award-winning AMD
Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor, starting in June. The AMD LIVE! Entertainment
Suite, a collection of services and applications designed to enhance the PC
experience, is also available today at www.amdlive.com.

“The AMD LIVE! PC and AMD LIVE! Entertainment Suite represent
the culmination of industry-leading companies collaborating around open
standards to deliver compelling entertainment solutions,” said Bob Brewer,
corporate vice president, Desktop Business, AMD. “With the AMD LIVE! PC, AMD
begins delivering on its vision for merging broadcast TV content with
interactive, personalized broadband applications and services, all without
disrupting the devices already accepted and used by consumers in their homes

The AMD LIVE! PC is designed to help consumers get more
enjoyment out of their digital media by consolidating their content in a
central location and delivering the tools to help them easily and seamlessly
access that content through the devices they already have.

“Today customers are looking for PCs that will allow them to
view, interact and play new content from broadcast television to music to
games,” said Tom Anderson, vice president of marketing, global consumer PCs,
Personal Systems Group, HP. “By offering AMD LIVE! branded PCs, our customers
will have the ability to buy a PC that will meet their evolving entertainment

“We’ve seen remarkable enthusiasm for Windows XP Media Center
Edition PCs, which enable consumers to enjoy their photos, music, TV shows and
movies throughout the home,” said Mike Sievert, corporate vice president,
Windows Client Marketing at Microsoft. “By collaborating with AMD to deliver a
powerful combination of digital entertainment software on a strong media
platform, Microsoft is helping to provide consumers with rich, engaging

The first solutions to be offered in the AMD LIVE!
Entertainment Suite include AMD LIVE! On Demand powered by Orb Networks:
a service that streams live or pre-recorded television programs, photos, music
and movies to many common Web-connected devices; AMD LIVE! Compress: a
tool that optimizes recorded television content in order to save space and
time, enabling customers to save up to 10 times as many TV shows on their PC;
AMD LIVE! Network Magic: an easy to use service that allows users to set up,
manage and secure their home network; AMD LIVE! LogMeIn: a service
providing users the ability to remotely control their AMD LIVE! PC to obtain
access to content, files and programs from anywhere; and AMD LIVE! Media
a service that can automatically back-up users’ digital content
collection to a secure online server. Once registered and activated, AMD LIVE!
PC users will receive 25GB of free storage to safely store their personal
photos, home movies and music collections.

Many of these applications and services are available for free
download beginning today from AMD at www.amdlive.com. Over time, the website will evolve into a
repository of tips and tools to help consumers build out their entertainment
world. With home networks, and using technology such as Microsoft Media Center
Extender, the site will be available both in a “two-foot” Internet in the study
and “10-foot” television experience in the living room.

Full Press Release

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Vista To Not Require NTSC Tuner!

Forum | Vista Beta 2 Discussion
| Jay P. Kapur of the Media Center TV Team
confirmed at AVS Forum that Vista will not need an NTSC Tuner!  This means you can use ATSC Tuners and/or
CableCARD’s without needing a separate NTSC Tuner installed.  Vista Beta 2 still needs the NTSC Tuner, but
the final will not.  Previously, Media Center
has keyed the ATSC EPG Data off of the selected NTSC Lineup.

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Microsoft Demos SideShow Remote from Exceptional Innovation

Microsoft Demos SideShow Remote from Exceptional Innovation (CE Pro)
| Julie
over at CE Pro took a trip up to WinHEC and among the other Windows Vista and Media
Center announcements she looked at another example of Windows
this time highlighting universal remote from Exceptional Innovation.  Julie has posted a host of photos of the
devices, including the example remote from below.

(Photo Courtesy of CE Pro)

If you are interested in other Media
Center developments, be sure to check
out Media
Center Pro, the first publication focused on Media Center and other related technologies

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Introducing Media Center Pro, a New Publication Focused on MCE

Media Center Pro, a New Publication Focused on MCE
| The guys (and gals) at
CE Pro have introduced Media Center
at new published that is focused on Media Center.  This is the magazine for “people who build, sell, install, integrate
and support Media
Center PCs.” 
Just a bit of what’s lined up for the
first issue in June is a Q&A with Microsoft’s Todd Rutherford, information
about extending Media Center throughout your Home, optimizing A/V with Media
Center, and more.

I’m positive this will be the magazine for everyone reading
this blog right now!  Stay tuned for more
and don’t forget to subscribe to CE Pro and then Media Center Pro (site coming soon).

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What’s New In Media Center on Windows Vista?

OpenCable Unidirectional Receiver (OCUR) CableCARD Support
atch and
record premium and HD cable content without the need for a set-top
box. CableCARD–enabled PCs are specially certified PCs that will be available
from most computer manufacturers when Windows Vista is released.

Microsoft (Err Sonic/Roxio?) “MyTV ToGo”
Launching with Windows Vista this fee-based application will allow syncing content to portable devices such as Portable Media Centers,  iPod
with video capability, PocketPC, or PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Native DVD/MPEG-2 Codec Support
Center now includes DVD codec support natively.  You no longer need to purchase a decoder from NVIDIA, InterVideo, or Cyberlink.

Support for two dual-tuners
I’m assuming this means Media Center now officially supports recording four channels at once.

Allows OEM to configure the PC to start up like a CE device.  Also allows Media Center session to be locked, not allowing users to exit.

Cycle through the EPG using the directional buttons on your remote.  No need to actually change channels or view the Guide fullscreen.

And More!  Get the Windows
Vista Beta 2 Product Guide

to see more about these features and what else Windows Vista will offer.

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Updated: Xbox 360 Only Vista Compatible Extender (Hope for Linksys/HP?)

Well, following an amazing pattern of not supporting devices and services in Media Center upgrades the Xbox v1 Extender and HP/Linksys will not be compatible with Windows Vista.  Newer Extender models will appear with the Windows Vista release.

“Except for Xbox 360,
earlier versions of Windows Media Extenders are not compatible with
Windows Vista. However, new Extender devices will be available with the
release of Window Vista.” -Microsoft

Update: It appears their might be a slight hope for Linksys/HP Extenders as we go on.  Xbox v1 Extenders still appear to be non-supported.

Update 2: People seem to be misinterpreting information here, which lead to the update above.  No go for anything but Xbox 360 support in Vista

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