Hardware and Software Vendors Rally Behind HD DVD at WinHEC 2006

Today at the Microsoft Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC)
2006, Microsoft Corp. announced various PC manufacturers, independent hardware
vendors (IHVs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) that are committed to
supporting HD DVD in their respective products. Industry leaders showcased
plans to ramp up support for HD DVD playback in PCs and on PC hardware and
software in 2006 and early 2007. With a growing list of top movies available
and favorable reviews of the latest HD DVD consumer electronics player already
at retail, the community of hardware and software supporters for HD DVD
continues to grow.

Innovative PC original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) including HP, Niveus
Media and Toshiba Corp. are supporting the HD DVD format through a variety of
activities in connection with the HD DVD Promotion Group. Specifically,
Niveus and Toshiba have announced HD DVD support in desktop, notebook and
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition-based PCs, allowing for stunning high-definition
playback. A full line of IHV components from leading manufacturers such as
Broadcom Corp. and Intel Corporation will also support HD DVD on PCs, and a new
line of software players from CyberLink Corp., InterVideo Inc. and both
software playback and professional authoring and encoding solutions from Sonic
Solutions and Roxio will ensure seamless playback on Windows Vista-based PCs
and provide the professional production community with the tools they need to
create HD DVD titles.

At the conference, Microsoft reiterated that Windows Vista will be shipped
with the drivers, file system and other components necessary to support HD DVD
playback. The company also gave a positive progress report on the state of
third-party software players, and announced a new initiative designed to help
ISVs implement VC-1 and iHD and create the best HD DVD playback solutions
possible. This program will also provide iHD test vectors, sample code and more
— all of which will enhance third-party iHD implementations for Windows Vista.

“Windows Vista is an exciting platform with the right infrastructure for our
cinematic-quality HD DVD authoring and playback solutions,” said Rolf Hartley,
senior vice president and general manager of the Professional Products Group at
Sonic Solutions. “At the same time, Microsoft’s support for our efforts with
VC-1 and iHD implementations will ensure that the HD DVD authoring and playback
experience on Windows Vista-based PCs is the best available for the complete
range of Sonic’s customers, from Hollywood
to home.”

“Eight months ago, Microsoft announced support for HD DVD with Intel, with
the shared belief that the format met important criteria and would deliver
unique advantages to the PC ecosystem and to consumers,” said Amir Majidimehr,
corporate vice president of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft.
“Today, we’re seeing those benefits come together: affordable hardware and
excellent replication yields, along with amazing levels of interactivity, more
capacity and incredible quality. At WinHEC we’re committing to help our
hardware and software partners achieve a great playback experience for

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