The Media Center Show Extra #5

Media Center Show Extra #5 Music, mceBackup and RSS
| This week on Ian’s
show he looks at the his new mceBackup
backup tool for Media Center, Big Screen Headlines a RSS
reader for Vista Media Center and a look at Music in Vista
Media Center

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No, AACS Was Not Cracked

All that happened was the method Cyberlink to decrypt AACS used was
semi-compromised.  Their implemention kept the key in memory, a key
which is needed to legally decrypt the content protection.  What is likely
going to happen is that specific key will be revoked, and Cyberlink
will have to issue an update in order to play newer titles.  CSS didn’t
have a good way to revoke the keys, AACS does.

Waiting to see what Cyberlink and AACS said happened, but I don’t see that AACS was cracked.

Read below for more…..

Update (1/1/07): Cyberlink
Responds to Alleged AACS Crack

Edit 2:  Roundup

From various other sources, here is a basic roundup of what most people believed has happened.   The software released will decrypt AACS when presented with the Title Key from the specific HD DVD title.  The tool doesn’t find the Title Key for you, however PowerDVD leaves the Title Key unencrypted in key.  DO a memory dump and you should (I guess, yet to really be proved) find the Title Key.  At this point the tool does exactly what is printed in the AACS documents.  Cyberlink will likely release an update to stop the key from being kept in memory unencrypted.  After that update has been published, I think their device key could be revoked.  This would mean newer releases would not play without an additional update.  Problem solved.

Anyway you look at it, AACS was not hacked or cracked.  AACS is still intact, what’s not intact is Cyberlink’s method for decrypting AACS.  I don’t see Cyberlink being allowed to leave this unpatched.

Update (1/1/07): Cyberlink
Responds to Alleged AACS Crack

Digg Edit: Hey guys,

I didn’t expect this to get
dugg, not like it’s really backed up by anything (I guess shows the
power of Digg to pick up random stories). I wouldn’t classify myself as
a great source of information on this, it’s just my thoughts.  Feel
free to digg it down or whatever, just quick thoughts of mine after I
watched the video.

I’m sure AACS and Cyberlink will be out with
more information in the next week or so.  Until then, there isn’t going
to be that much “real” news about it.

Happy New Year and watch the comments and Digg for more. 


Update (1/1/07): Cyberlink
Responds to Alleged AACS Crack

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$99 Refurb Linksys WMCE54AG Extenders Today (12/27) on Woot

Linksys WMCE54AG
Wireless Media Center Extender (Woot)
| Woot has got $99 Refurbished Linksys
WMCE54AG Wireless Media Center Extender’s today.  If
you are interested in something that can
handle SD playback and only works with Media Center 2005 this is your
product.  This will not work with Vista Media Center, just FYI before
your purchase.

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Best Buy and Exceptional Innovation Go Mainstream With Life|ware!

Details: Best Buy, Exceptional Innovation and ConnectedLife.Home (CE Pro)
Julie has been lurking with the details of a new package from Best Buy,
Exceptional Innovation and ConnectedLife.Home. 
For $15,000 you can walk into Best Buy and pick up a package everything
you need to connect your home with Media
Center and Life|ware as
the core.

  • One z560 Digital Entertainment Center
  • Life|ware
    home automation software from Exceptional Innovation,
  • One Xbox
    360 (which doubles as a Media Center Extender)
  • Two
    Panasonic wireless cameras
  • One
    communicating thermostat from Residential Control systems
  • Ethernet/powerline
    adapters from Corinex
  • Other assorted
    devices—five dimmers, five switches, two keypads–that communicate over
    the powerline via Insteon technology.

the full story here.
  Merry Christmas
and happy holidays to all.

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CyberLink Launches PowerDVD Ultra for Playback of HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

Taipei, Taiwan—-December 22, 2006—-CyberLink
Corp. (5203.TW), a world leader in digital home solutions, today launched the
HD DVD and Blu-ray version of its industry-defining movie player software,
PowerDVD. Featuring optimized hardware acceleration for graphics processors,
and compatibility with leading HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc drives, PowerDVD Ultra
delivers the ultimate high-definition movie experience on both desktop and
notebook computers.

New features for
PowerDVD Ultra include:

  • Support
    for HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc playback on leading drives, including the
    Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD external drive
  • Playback
    of high-definition Hollywood movie
  • Optimized
    performance for playback of high-definition video content on graphics
    cards featuring NVIDIA PureVideo, ATI Avivo, and Intel Clear Video
  • Support
    for new next-generation disc features, like Picture-in-Picture movie mode,
    networking, interactive BD-J and iHD features, bookmarks, and advanced
    disc navigation
  • High-definition
    audio with support for Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD
  • 6.1-channel
    surround sound, ensuring compatibility with home theater audio systems,
    and audio expansion of up to 8 channels
  • Support
    for double-layer HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
  • Conformance
    to the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) specifications for
    the playback of premium content through DVI and HDMI connectors
  • Support
    for BUS Protection ensures premium content protection via VGA systems.

PowerDVD Ultra also
offers leading player features:

  • Say-it-Again
    – one-click DVD dialog looping
  • Read-it-Clearly
    – moveable DVD subtitles
  • See-it-All
    – automatically activated DVD time stretching for when mobile PCs run low
    on power
  • Power-saving
    settings for notebooks and an onscreen battery meter
  • Five
    control modes, a choice of skins and interface colors
  • UPnP
    media player support.

“CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra prepares consumers for the
huge next wave of PC-based entertainment: high-definition content delivered on
HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink.
“In doing so CyberLink is offering a totally new experience, with even
more ways to access and interact with movie content, as well as new support for
audio technologies that help users maximize use of their home theater audio

Product Availability
CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra English version is available
online, and the following languages: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional),
German, French, Italian, Korean, and Spanish, will be launched next week.

  • CyberLink
    PowerDVD Ultra USD 99.95/Euro 99,95

For more information, please visit:

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The Media Center Show #88

Media Center Show #88
| 21nd December 2006 (67mins 07secs) MP3
– 23.0MB (Download Here)

This week Ian
talked with Mark Newell, Program Manager from the eHome team at
Microsoft about the history of Media Center, the new look and feel of Vista Media
Center and what happens
when you submit an error report in Windows.

The Vote page is up for The
Media Center Show Awards
, so get voting now and enter the prize draw.

Have you watched The Media Center
Show Extra yet?
It’s the new video accompaniment to the show.

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