Niveus Media Brings The Future of High End Home Entertainment To The NYC Market Through Harvey

Coinciding with the launch of Windows
Vista on January 30th, Niveus, together with Harvey Home Entertainment, is
launching its new line of Windows Vista-based Media Servers.

New York, NY – January 30, 2007– Niveus Media, Inc., an award-winning
manufacturer of digital entertainment solutions for the connected home, will
showcase four new media centers including the Rainier and Denali Editions as
well as the Pro Series n7 and n9 at the roll out of their Windows Vista-based
Media Servers on January 30th at Harvey Home Entertainment in Manhattan.

2007 Niveus Media Server line delivers a high level of Windows Vista Media
Center-based performance for home theaters. Providing faster frame rates,
higher quality television, faster music encoding, rich graphics, and quicker
response time, Niveus’ 2007 editions are amongst the first Windows Vista Media
Center-based systems to incorporate Intel’s Viiv™ technology including Core 2
Duo processors, HD DVD and HDMI output; all in an audio/video component form
factor. Windows Vista, on a digital cable compatible system from Niveus, can
support CableCARDs™ from local cable providers. This technology allows
consumers to enjoy one-way cable programming and enables them to view and
record premium digital HD content without the use of a set-top box.. Niveus
Media Centers will also be amongst the first Windows Vista Media Center-based
products to offer stunning 1080p HD DVD playback.

thrilled with the opportunity to bring our distinguished clientele what we see
as the future of high-end home entertainment,” said Harvey CEO Martin McClanan.
“This is the first time that a Harvey store has even considered carrying a
Windows-based server for the home. But as technology changes so must retailers
and we see extensive opportunities for our customers to integrate a Niveus
Media Server into their digital lifestyle. The convergence of high-end audio
video and Windows Vista Media Center-based products for the ultimate management
of uncompressed music, video, digital photos, and HDTV has arrived. This isn’t
just the future, this is now!”

is excited to launch our Windows Vista-based Media Centers with Harvey Home
Entertainment,” said Tim Cutting, CEO and co-Founder, Niveus Media. “With the
arrival of premium HD television support in the Windows Vista-based Niveus
Media Center, Harvey will be well positioned to deliver a feature packed,
whole-home entertainment system for managing their customers’ growing
collection of digital content and television recordings.”

available through Harvey is the Niveus Digital Cable Receiver which supports up
to two CableCARDs for viewing and recording multiple, premium HD television
programs simultaneously. Niveus’ external design of the Niveus Digital Cable
Receiver ensures the ultimate in performance and flexibility when storing,
managing, and accessing, all digital media via a powerful Windows Vista
Ultimate-based media center interface.

of the Windows Vista-based Niveus Media Servers as well as the Niveus Digital
Cable Receiver will be available following the January 30, 2007 launch of
Windows Vista. Harvey has nine stores located in the metro NY, NJ and CT area.

more information on Niveus Media, Inc., please visit

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Velocity Micro Revolutionizes Home Entertainment: Unleashes Bold New Vista Media Center PCs

New media center computers with Vista deliver
never-before-seen performance for audio, video, and gaming.

Richmond, VA – January 30, 2007 – Velocity Micro, the
premier independent builder of custom, high performance computers and
workstations, announced today the availability of their groundbreaking Vista
media center PCs, the CineMagix Grand Theater and the CineMagix Pro Cinema. The
CineMagix Grand Theater, which was unveiled at Digital Experience earlier this
month, is Intel-based with up to 2.25 terabytes of storage, while the CineMagix
Pro Cinema features AMD products. Both PCs feature premium a/v components and
the same sleek design.

“We’re bringing to market something very special. The
audio/video quality is second to none in the consumer electronic market with
Dolby Master Studio certification and a near perfect home theater benchmark
score. We also took a radically different approach to the whole out of box
experience—including the cables and documentation that consumers have come to
expect from their home theater A/V equipment, available for the first time with
a PC-based media center, and only from Velocity Micro,” said Chris Morley,
Velocity Micro’s Director of Product Development.

The new media center PCs with Vista deliver a whole new
level of media management and playback. The CineMagix Grand Theater and Pro
Cinema feature the groundbreaking internal AMD TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner,
allowing users to watch and record HD digital cable content on their PCs for
the first time. The new media centers also feature Blue-ray and HD-DVD playback
for the highest resolution, home cinema quality playback available. Gamers can
enjoy first class DirectX 10 graphics from NVIDIA and AMD, setting the stage for
the next generation of games, and play games on HDTVs from the comfort of their

“The CineMagix Grand Theater and Pro Cinema are powerful PCs
in disguise. They’re loaded with the industry’s most advanced technology, but
their low-profile design makes them look like stereo components. They fit right
in with your living room set-up,” said Morley.

About Velocity Micro, Inc.
Velocity Micro, Inc. is the premier high-performance personal computer provider
in North America. Founded in 1992, Richmond, Va.-based Velocity Micro custom
builds award winning gaming, mobile, multimedia, home office, and small
business solutions. Velocity Micro systems are now available at select Best Buy
retail stores and For more information on Velocity
Micro, please visit or
call (800) 303-7866.

Velocity Micro has earned over 30 industry awards, including
nine PC Magazine Editor’s Choice awards. CNET, Maximum PC, Mobile PC, PC World,
Computer Gaming World, Computer Shopper, and PC Gamer editors have all chosen
Velocity Micro systems as some of the industry’s best-performing,
highest-quality, and most reliable PCs.

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Fixing Commercial Skip within Vista

to Fix Commercial Skip within Vista
| Users of DVRMSToolbox
might fine that Commercial Skip doesn’t work right in Vista, which could mean a
no go on the upgrade.  Fear not through, Missing
has a great write-up on how to get it working again.  It’s kind of a roundabout way to get it
working, but it seems to do the job.

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Windows Vista Beta Testers Get Extra Special Treat (3 Copies of Vista, $100 Total)

Update: Those who purchased and got invalid keys should now have an e-mail with valid keys.  All keys handed out now are valid.  Buy away!

Remember that Family
Discount Reward
that Microsoft is pushing out with Vista?  The one that lets you purchase two additional
copies of Vista Home Premium for $49.99 each after you buy a retail copy of
Vista Ultimate?  Well, it turns out that
the free copy of Windows Vista that active beta testers got is a retail copy,
so you can purchase two copies of Home Premium for $100, making it three copies
of Windows Vista overall for the wallet friendly price of, you guessed it,
$100!  That’s a deal!

Here to Bring Home More “Wow” for $100

Thanks pippen (via The
Green Button

Update: I just tried mine.  The first time it rejected it (copied the key wrong??).  The second time, well look below. 


  Spread the word before, and
remember it expires on June 30.

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Microsoft Gets a Jump on Vista Pre-SP1 Hotfixes

Business Microsoft Premier Support  got a started on the Windows Vista hotfix
party today (Via The
Green Button
).  Hotfixes not yet available
to the general population (Edit: Please read Susan’s comment below), only through Microsoft Premier Support, and only if you have
the exact issues in the KB articles

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Vista PMP Already Cracked?

Update on Driver
Signing Bypass (Alex Ionescu’s Blog)
)| Alex Ionescu appears to have takin the first step to defeat that
evil DRM that prevents everyone from doing everything (or something like
that).  He goes through the different
ways that Microsoft could patch Vista to disable his work, but ends with the
conclusion that it’s unlikely Microsoft can fix it.

Thoughts?  Could he
really have broken PMP on today, Vista’s golden day?

I doubt, but now it’s time to play the waiting game.  While playing, why not send some nasty mail
to random content owners to express your dislike with the content protection
systems they keep dreaming up,

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Okoro Media Systems Unleashes Quad Core GX300 Digital Entertainment System

Okoro Media Systems, manufacturer of digital entertainment
systems for the high end audio video market, is pleased to announce the
availability of the new GX300 for 2007. The new GX300 is based on the Intel®
Core™2 Extreme Quad core and Nvidia 8800 GTX technology. This model will
deliver unprecedented 3-D gaming performance and will provide better
performance for intense multimedia applications, streaming movies, and music

“Our customers continue to hunger for a system that can
provide the greatest performance when they are playing the latest video games
on their HDTV while recording and streaming multimedia content. With Quad Core
technology and the NVIDIA 8800GTX video card, the GX300 will continue to be one
of the fastest media centers available,” said Christopher Curry, VP of Sales
& Operations.

The 2007 OMS-GX300 now ships with Windows Vista Ultimate
Edition and comes with the following specifications:

  • Intel
    Core™2 Extreme QX6700 Kentsfield Quad Core Processor
  • 2
    Gigabytes of high-speed Kingston HyperX memory
    8800GTX HDCP video card
  • 1
    Terabyte (1000 Gigabytes) of storage
  • Two
    Dual-Layer DVD burners
  • 7 inch
    Touch screen display
  • DTS
    Connect and Dolby Digital Live Technology
  • Windows
    Vista Ultimate or other Operating System Packages available

The GX300 is currently available for purchase at

 For more information
please visit

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Open Source DVRBox Edits and Converts DVR-MS

| If you are looking for a free program to edit and convert
your DVR-MS recordings, you might want to stop by SourceForge and check out the
new open source DVRBox project.  DVRBox
allows for editing of DVR-MS, batch processing, automatic crop detection,
scheduled compression, and more.  DVRBox
also easily outputs to several flavors of MPEG-4 including XviD, x264, and

Give it a try.

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DefectiveByDesign’s Anti-DRM Campaign Gets Trashed by Digg Readers

Something that I
personally find hilarious is that DefectiveByDesign, the Anti-DRM Group that was formed last year, is
getting trashed by the growing user base that actually understands some of the
problems behind content protection and DRM. 
This is a very good day in the world of DRM and Digg.

Here’s a few example
comments from Digg
about DefectiveByDesign’s upcoming Vista Launch Events in NYC.

  • So,
    the guys at are going toi be the jackasses that pretend
    to be cool and nonconformist by going to a windows party and making fools out
    of themselves? Thanks, we reaaally needed to know that, couldn’t have survived
    without it on the front page. P.S. all the info in the article is old news, no
    reason to digg it.”
  • “Wait wait, people are pissed off because Vista
    supports HDCP? If I’m not mistaken, Vista has to support it in case Studio’s
    enable the god damn feature”

  • “I’ll say this loudly:IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH
    At least with Windows you have the FREEDOM to decide for yourselves, unlike
    some operating systems I could think of.”
  • “Pathetic. Apple will also include the DRM
    required to playback all new content that’s produced and requires the shit.”
  • “So what happens when media starts coming out
    that needs the DRM systems, either others OS will have to implement it in some
    way or hack a way round it which would probably be illegal.”

I’m a big fan of Digg
in general, buy generally don’t spend more then five minutes reading the ignorant
comments left by the users.  I’m a fan of
targeted websites and blogs that can cover a subject without their user base
being subjected to incorrect information and endless FUD about certain
features, mainly relating to DRM.

I’m all for ending DRM
that restricts fair use; however I do believe that content owners should have
the right to protect their content if they want to.  The problem is that we need to get to the
point where this can happen.  AACS in HD
DVD and Blu-ray is a good first step, with the concept of Managed Copy.  It’s not perfect by any means (I shouldn’t
have to pay for a copy of the media I already purchased) but it’s a good first

needs to understand that if they want to help, they need to actually go after
the people that matter.  Microsoft is not
who they should be going after.  Stage
your foolishness at the MPAA, collectivity “Hollywood.”  They are the reason that Microsoft has to
waste millions of dollars developing the framework to allow users to actually
play this media.  Feel free to attack
Microsoft for the stupid things they do, like locking their Zune DRM out from
PlaysForSure.  Attack Apple for not licensing
FairPlay.  Attack the record labels
(RIAA) for requiring Microsoft, Apple, and others to develop their sort of
protection framework.  Actually attack
the companies that are the problem, attack the root of the problem.

Of course, there are still loads of users that comment the
other way, but they seem to be increasing getting corrected by those who get

DefectiveByDesign is
not helping anything, all they are doing to making fools of themselves.


Content Will Be Crippled When Output in Vista?

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The Green Button Forums Get An Upgrade

Green Button Community Forums
have undergone an update with Windows Vista
set to be released next week.  We now
have subforums dedicated to Windows Vista and Windows XP Media Center
Edition.  This should help everyone get
help and find the information you are looking for quicker and easier.

The Green Button is also going International!  Very fun.

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