CableCARD From Niveus Media | "Digital Cable Tuners" Replace OCUR Naming

Niveus to Show Dual-Tuner CableCard Receiver (OCUR) for Vista Media Center (CE
| Juile started off her CES posting with a nice post on Niveus Media’s
plans to upgrade there existing PC’s to support CableCARD.

They have got there own nice CableCARD Receiver (shown in
the picture below) which nicely integrates with their Rainier Edition
PC.  I’m sure Niveus took the standalone
STB route for several reasons, and can you blame them for not wanting to have
to mod there pretty cases?

(Image Courtesy of CE Pro)

It supports up to two CableCARDs, pricing hasn’t been set
yet but as always owners of Niveus machines should see their Readies
For Windows Vista Launch Webpage
for more information.

Tim from Niveus notes “While
it should in theory work with other manufacturers’ CableCard-ready PCs…we have
not tested this scenario and cannot support it until those other PCs launch and
are available for compatibility testing.”
  Don’t get your hopes up about that quote, we all
must remember what’s needed.

Clicky here for more from

Windows Vista Digital Cable Tuners (WindowsNow)
| Robert McLaws has got an OCUR
from Microsoft to play with, and notes that OCUR is no-where on the product.

Sticking with the correct naming, CableLabs was smart enough
to adopt the same naming method as other CableCARD-ready product, calling them “Digital
Cable Tuners” according to Robert.  When
you go to purchase a HDTV, you might notice the Digital Cable Ready logo which
is the same thing.  OCUR stands for OpenCable Unidirectional Receiver and that is the name that will be used by CableLabs for the products when in development.  When the public gets them, “Digital Cable Tuners” will be there given name.

Robert says there are external USB versions (as pictured)
and he says there will be PCI-X versions for internal use.  I’m not sure about the last part, I think you
will find them connecting via USB even in the internal installs based on what I have been told.

(Image Courtesy of WindowsNow)

Robert has more pictures here. 

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4 thoughts on “CableCARD From Niveus Media | "Digital Cable Tuners" Replace OCUR Naming”

  1. Will these be available for anyone with a Vista box? What will they cost? Will they be distributed by CableCos? (I’m sick at the thought of a CableCo charging me $25/month of each one of these.)

  2. What I want to know is when Dell will be popping these suckers out. I’m waiting (praying?) for an $800 Vista MCE desktop equipped with CableCARD.

    Niveus hardware is nice to look at, but not very many people want to spend that kind of cash.

  3. Chris,

    Haven taken one of these apart, I can confirm that, even though it is housed in a case, the device is a PCI-Express card. Internal versions won’t have a USB connector mounted on the card.

    Thanks for the link!


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