Non-SideShow In-wall Media Center Control (Shipping Now)

While laying out my whole SideShow
the other day about in-wall keypads and Media Center control, I did
leave out something.  ACS has been doing this for the past two
years!  Their Graphical
Media Center Remote Front Panel
is a 128×64 serial controlled (RS-232) remote
that also passes metadata.  It even
includes a Configuration Utility so you can tell it what exactly you wish to
display.  Looks to fit nicely in standard
dual gang box, which is the perfect size!

And the best part, retails for only $99!  You can bet that SideShow modules will cost more than that.


Thanks to Scott for the reminder.

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Sony VGP-XL1B2 DVD/Media Changer Now Only $200

VAIO VGP-XL1B2 Media Changer (
| $800, $400, $300,
and now only $200!  That’s right, has
the 200-disc Sony DVD/Media Changer for only $200 now. 
You should be able to get $10 off that using Google
.  Works with MCE 2005 and

While you are at it check out MCEtilities
which might be the first tool to support batch DVD Ripping!

Thanks Alex!

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Batch DVD Ripping In Sight? MCEtilites Beta Released

ActiveAsp Software has just released MCEtilites v1.0
) for MCE 2005 and Vista Media Center.  Currently in beta, MCEtilities allows you to
edit metadata on DVR-MS files and to view metadata for dvdxml
.  However, the software can
also control DVD Changers!  Currently it
can mount, unmount, eject, and even rip from DVD Changer’s like Sony’s

Now, if you are like me you are still reading this post
because you want to know if it will allow batch DVD Ripping, the Holy Grail for
such an inexpensive DVD Changer that doesn’t support DVD
.  Well, right now the
answer is no, it doesn’t do batch DVD ripping. 
According to the developer you will still need to click “Start Ripping.”  However, he is currently investigating using
the Nero API’s to allow for batch ripping and transcoding.  Exciting stuff, so stay tuned.  There is also an SDK for VS2005 so people can
make their own plug-ins to edit/manipule/whatever DVD Changers, DVR-MS files,
and movie metadata.

Already planned features include being able to use MCEtilities
to edit/download metadata for movies, and it will have integration with

Remember, it’s in beta so report bugs here.

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Ricavision Intros Multifunction and Universal Vista Remotes

of Ricavision remotes
, Ricavision
also has some upcoming multifunction and universal remote controls for Windows

Running from left to right, the first one pictured is just a
basic Vista Remote Control and only works with your PC.  The next one is a Multifunction Remote
Control and will control your PC and basic TV functions (power, input, volume,
etc).  The last one is a Universal Remote
Control that can handle your PC, TV, DVD/VCR, and more.


Not sure what the prices will be, but these are some pretty
nice looking remotes.

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SideShow | Great Media Center Extender Complement

As Bryan pointed out in the comments on my Extender
Concepts post
, Ricavision is making Sideshow Module that will bring better
2’ control to Media Center.  Currently if
you want to start playing music on your Media Center you need to turn on your
display and navigate to My Music.  After
you do that, your display basically needs to stay on in case you want to change
what music is playing.  Considering a
large majority of people are doing other things while listening to music (not
glued to the screen), using a SideShow remote with an LCD screen to control the
PC without having to turn on the display will be very useful.  Windows Vista and SideShow solved this

Below is a picture of what Ricavision’s SideShow module
actually looks like, as well as one of there SideShow remotes that will
hopefully ship soon.  The SideShow module
can give you access to several Music, TV, Pictures, and Video functions.


SideShow modules can have the ability to be loads of
interesting things, including audio and video playback.  As far as I know, the Ricavision SideShow
module is just meant to be a secondary screen for control.  Things like scheduling a show to record, or
browsing through your music library for playback to occur on the PC are just a
few examples of what SideShow will bring to you.

SideShow modules will not replace Media Center Extenders
overall, however there are some applications that SideShow should be more cost
effective then an Extender to implement. 
For example, I suggested that it would be very nice to have an In-wall
Touchscreen Extender
that would allow you to extend Media Center into
another room without having a full setup with a separate display.  However, you might just want control of your
music library, in-effect creating a nice multi-zone audio solution.  A SideShow module could be nicely built as an
in-wall solution and I’m sure we will see a few out there.  In wall keypads are very popular with other
whole home solutions, and SideShow will bring them to Media Center.

In addition to Media Center, SideShow modules can have
access to dozens of other modules including Vista’s Sidebar Gadgets.  This means things like quick e-mail access,
IM, RSS, weather, and much more can also be a part of this.  Clearly, this is a huge advantage and ads a
ton of value to SideShow modules.  And
just as it doesn’t stop with Media Center related products, you might have
already seen other SideShow devices out there like MP3 Players, external laptop
displays, and even digital picture frames. 
Home automation is going to get a huge jump with this too!

Since I haven’t really talked about SideShow, are you
interested in what it could bring?  If
you not running Vista is this one of those things that would make you upgrade?

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Tablet and In-wall Touchscreen Extender Concepts

I refuse to give up on Pika.  I know, I know, Microsoft and OEMs seem to be
lagging way behind were they need to be getting them into the market.  While I don’t agree with Microsoft or their
OEMs for being so slow (it’s not clear if it’s Microsoft or the OEMs that are
the problem) I think that Pika could bring some very interesting devices.  We already know that DVD Players with Media
Center Extenders will likely show, as will Media
Center Extender HDTVs

But what about what could also be released, pending some
smart OEMs.  The Pika development kit
from Sigma Designs is rather small and could be put several exciting
places.  If I had to guess I would say
the broad is about 7×4.5in, which means it is very compact in comparison to the
cases these things are put into.  This
means it could be nicely made into a small Tablet Touchscreen Extender or In-wall
 Touchscreen Extender!

I would love to see a $500 (or so) 10” Touchscreen Tablet Extender
that I could walk around the house and view recorded TV on.  Battery life might be issue with one of
these, as it always is with any portable device.   However, it would (technically) be able to
decode HDTV, including that recorded on from a CableCARD.  I think if someone could manage 3 hours of
battery life this concept would be great! 
Removable battery would be a huge plus.

(Yes, this does not exist) 

Or what about an In-wall Touchscreen Extender.  This would be an interesting concept for an
OEM to tackle, because any good way of doing this would involve smashing some
holes in your walls for the install plus running power, Ethernet, and optional
external speakers.  Those are instant
turn-off’s for most OEMs.  However,
pending that a 6” In-wall Touchscreen Extender would bring your home to your
figure-tips much like Exceptional Innovations current XPe Touchscreens do (w/
Life|ware).  This would be a great
addition to multi-zone audio and home automation people.

(This too does not exist, artist rendering) 

Mix the above with Sideshow (which I have not covered very
well here) and your really getting into the connect lifestyle idea that Media
Center should be the center of.

What do you think? 
Are these devices that would interest you and are there any more that
you would be interested to see?  Clearly
the Zune as a wireless Media Center Extender is up there, anything else?

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WebGuide Gadget Released for Vista

Doug released his WebGuide Gadget that I talked about
a few days ago

“The WebGuide Gadget allows you to connect to local Media
Center or a remote WebGuide server. It allows for full access to the program
guide, search, recorded TV and scheduled Recordings. You can even stream live
TV when connected to a WebGuide server.”

it Here
and don’t forget to listen to him on The Media
Center Show
this week.


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The Media Center Show #96

Media Center Show #96
| 22nd February 2007 (56mins 46secs) MP3
– 19.5MB (Download Here)

This week Ian
talked with Doug Berrett author of WebGuide, the remote scheduler
application for Media Center and turns out it does a lot more than that.  Doug  will also talk about version 4.0

Checkout the new Media
Center Show Community site
there are a whole range of
forums, blogs and other resources. 

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S1Digital Sets a New Reference Standard with ProLine Series Media Centers

New York, NY, February 20th, 2007 — S1Digital, a
leading builder of high-end Media Centers and Servers, today announced the
launch of their ProLine Series which sets a new reference standard for Media
Centers based on Microsoft Vista Ultimate. The ProLine Series includes
S1Digital’s flagship rack mount Media Server Edition and the silent FX Edition.
Designed specifically for custom audio and video installers, the ProLine Media
Centers enable installers to offer their customers the latest in high-end
digital home entertainment solutions.

The Media Server Edition raises the bar for Media Centers by
including up to 3TB of storage in six hot swap drive bays. Managed by a
dedicated 3ware RAID controller, the Media Server can effortlessly record
multiple HDTV streams while simultaneously streaming content throughout the
home (via Media Center Extenders) and providing full data protection. The 3U
rack mount chassis fits into standard 20” depth A/V racks. Other features
include HD-DVD playback, 1080p HDMI video output, Dolby Master Studio 7.1
channel audio and dual HDTV and SDTV tuners enabling recording of up to four TV
channels at the same time. The Media Server Edition is powered by the latest
Intel Core 2 Duo processors, includes Intel Viiv technology and runs on
Microsoft Vista Ultimate.

If silence is golden then the Media Center FX Edition is
24k. The FX Edition features a sophisticated European design making it a
centerpiece of any living room. Extruded aluminum heat sinks draw heat away
from critical components via silent heat pipe technology. Other features
include one terabyte of internal storage, HD-DVD playback as standard or
optional Blu-ray drive, 1080p HDMI video output, Dolby Home Theater 7.1 channel
audio and dual HDTV and SDTV tuners enabling recording of up to four TV
channels at the same time. The FX Edition is also powered by the latest Intel
Core 2 Duo processors, includes Intel Viiv technology and runs on Microsoft
Vista Ultimate.

Offering unprecedented support for the installer community,
S1Digital’s ProLine Series products can be customized with add-ons to enable home
automation capabilities, two-way control from Crestron, AMX and other
touchscreens, and integration with Russound and Nuvo multi-room audio systems
(coming soon).

“We’re now able to offer customized solutions, products and
support specifically to our custom installer market,” said Paul Heitlinger,
S1Digital CEO and Founder. “Partnering with S1Digital really enables our
resellers to offer their customers the latest in digital entertainment

The Media Server Edition will be available in March 2007 and
the FX Edition will be available by the end of February. Dealer pricing is
available to approved resellers.

All of S1Digital’s Media Centers and solutions including
home automation, multi-room audio and video distribution and touchscreen
control, are on display at the S1Digital Experience showroom in New York. S1Digital’s
products will also be demonstrated at the Electronic House Expo, October 8-10th
in Orlando, FL in booth 1723.

For more information, please contact S1Digital via email, phone 888-632-6897
or visit their website at


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