Sidebar Gadget for Vista Media Center

Sidebar Gadget for Windows Media
Center! (Ian Dixon)
| Ian points to a Sidebar Gadget for Windows
Vista that will be part of Doug’s WebGuide 4.  Very cool! 
It can display the EPG, Recordings and Scheduled Recordings.  Not only that, it works on remote machines
too!  That means you can have this gadget
running on your Laptop half way across the world and still view and schedule recordings
via the gadget itself. 

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One thought on “Sidebar Gadget for Vista Media Center”

  1. That’s nice, but what about the functionality that would allow me to simply schedule programs to tune in to, not to record.

    My cable box allows me to schedule a reminder for when a program starts so that i can tune it to that channel and watch. I am surprised Media Center doesn’t have any such feature.

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