Codename Fiji: Next Version of Media Center?

Charlie Owen got himself into some trouble giving away some
hints that point to Fiji
being the next version of Media Center
I have no idea what Fiji is, but if it is the next version of Media Center
I would expect DIRECTV/Dish
support to be part of it.

But, what else might be part of Fiji?  Will we finally get SoftSeld?  DVD
?  UI refreash again? Let
the rumors start!

Here’s mine, what if we see Fiji target release date for Q4
2007/Q1 2008?  Holiday Season 2007 is the
now said date for v2 Extenders
to be on the market (actually, between now and Holiday Season 2007).  This would mean Extenders should be on the
market, and AACS should hopefully be finished with Managed Copy support (clearly
pushed back because of AACS problems). 
CableCARD PC’s should have dropped a
bit in price
by then, just in time for that big Holiday rush.

Connecting the dots, we could see the solution that I thought
would ship with Vista will now come with Fiji.

Only time will tell, but what’s your #1 Fiji feature?

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16 thoughts on “Codename Fiji: Next Version of Media Center?”

  1. #1 Feature Request
    Better DRM management.
    At least the ability to backup licensees

    or (even better)-

    A hardware usb encryption/decryption key that permits us to have potentially 1-5 keys for playing back our recorded content on up to 5 devices at the same time. This provides a hardware-controlled content protection method and the ability to take your content on the go or from one machine to the next. Each video is intelligently watermarked with our unique key so that people can’t easily spread their videos to P2P sites anonymously.

  2. Softsled is the most important thing MS needs to produce for Media Center. I would bet 90% of Media center users have a wireless laptop in the house. If they sold Softsled for $50 I bet most Media center users would purchase a copy. I would.

  3. I would say my #1 wanted feature would be DirectTV support. 14 months after the first announcement and still nothing!

  4. It has got to be softsled.

    Whilst I see myself using version two extenders in other rooms around the house I don’t see me dropping the PC from the living room. As such a low spec PC, no tuners and a very low noise level would be perfect and as such would hook up to the Media Center Server located in my 19″ rack.

    As such, my perfect living room PC would be the Pietro Guerra’s Flex 4.2 system running Softsled.

  5. In general I’d like to be “wow”‘d by any new and/or improved features. I thought Vista Media Center was more of a “ho-hum” reaction as opposed to an excited “wow” reaction. There are even some features that are missing in Vista MCE or at least hard to find: i.e. search for future movies (not in current guide).

    Here’s a thread which lists what’s missing in Vista Media Center and should be included in the next release:

  6. Revamp the UI so it’s not ugly.
    DIY satellite / cable card
    You’re Microsoft for Christ’s sake! Can’t you get more cool 3rd party apps? Look at the Discovery app in ‘explore’. The damn screen isn’t even centered properly. Vongo doesn’t work properly and they’re aware of it. I had to tell Movielink that their UI was screwed up on widescreens before they were aware of it.
    HD DVD codec

  7. VistaMCE has been in the works for how many years? Am I to understand that Microsoft isn’t able to get VistaMCE compatible extenders to market for almost a full year afterwards????

    MythTV is looking better and better.


  8. How about:

    Records whats in the buffer in record pressed and programme already started

    MHEG SUpport for Digital Interactive and teletext services throughout Europe and Australia

    DVB-S support for free to air and encrypted services using CAM from BSKYB (Sky TV) in UK

    Playlist creation for Portable Media Center from within Media Center

    Crossfade ON/OFF option and duration in +/- fashion in Media Center

    WebGuide4 BUT built into the product !

    Basic DVR-MS editor with just cut points – nothing fancy just be able to edit commercials out and bunf at beginning and end of programme.

    Overrun duration increased to 30 minutes so u can be sure not to miss for live events that overrun into next programme

    Sort Media Player cover art out ! and stop creating hundreds of thumbnails everywhere!

    Read EPG information for first 7 days from over the air and the rest from the internet. Internet data often out of date in the UK!

    Four Tuner support from within the GUI !

    More space for the channel name in banner and guide (smaller font if necessary).

    Cache media library to USB pen !

  9. I for the TV part will like to see:

    – DVB-C support
    – Subtitles and teletext
    – PIP
    – Easy way to arrange channels
    – Grouping of channels
    – With 2 tuner to be able to choose which for live TV and which for recording.

  10. How about shifting away from MPEG-2 as a baseline codec?

    As it is right now, only tuners that have hardware MPEG2 can be used unless you have a PC powerful enough to run the software codec.

    Thing is, everyone else out there has figured out how to run a live TV screen on almost nothing – without hardware encoding.

    Sure, that would make things better – but the choices are great or nothing. I have four different TV tuners, 1 PCMCIA and three USB and only ONE of them works with VistaMCE – the one with the hardware encoder.

    Ditto FM radio. I have ADS’s InstantFM tuner stick. Why can I write my OWN FM tuner app (in .Net nonetheless) but MCE can’t support it?

    And speaking of DVB-T – or rather ATSC, don’t tell me I can’t use my ATSC tuner just because you don’t have TV listings for my area. I *can* tune through the channels by hand you know.

    The ‘we tell you what hardware we’ll accept’ mindset worked great for Windows XP MCE systems because they were prebuilt – but Vista goes on anything, so it has to be far, far more tolerant of the hardware.

    WDM/BDA all the way.

  11. Also the program guide should be more inteligent. it should create a user profile for recording interesting tv content. It can be user related. Make beter deals with tv-providers about the content in the guide and match those 2 items.

    This could create the ultimate recording machine

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