Portable Media Center’s Officially Dead (No Kidding)

Media Center platform demise
| If you have been waiting to buy a new
Portable Media Center with something like DivX support you are pretty much out
of luck.  Jason has confirmed that
Portable Media Center’s are long dead, and Microsoft is no longer licensing out
the platform.

Oh well.  Only saw
that one coming since a few years ago.  I
believe that there were only five devices released under the platform, and
Microsoft then decided to take it over with Zune,
aka Portable Media Center v2.x with branding to attempt to compete with

I had one of the Creative Zen Portable Media Centers.  It was ok, but nothing special.  The audio quality was horrible, and it was
too bulky to carry around for anything but video.  At that point I had to carry two devices,
which in addition to a laptop was a bit much for me to bother with.  The battery basically exploded a few months ago,
and I really haven’t looked back.

The platform had potential, but like most things within the
Media Center spectrum it suffered from lack of marketing and user awareness
mixed with lukewarm OEM support and of course, lack of codec support. 
Creative got tired of the platform really fast and released their next
portable media player a few months after the Portable Media Center using their
own software.

3 thoughts on “Portable Media Center’s Officially Dead (No Kidding)”

  1. Its embarrassing that the Zune doesn’t support Media Center record tv shows out of the box. Not a good experience there..at least not yet.

    I think you sum’d it up perfectly. I’m really concerned about the lukewarm OEM support. I just wish Microsoft would tell us what we can do influence OEM manufacturers. I don’t understand what their gripe might be..there are 20+ million Media Center PCs out there.

  2. That’s a damn shame though not surprising; I have a gigabeat and its ability to sync everything with Media Center is awesome. It’s too bad they have removed such capabilities (TV syncing etc) just as Media Center is available to a larger audience by way of Vista. So it goes.

  3. Is there anything out there right now then that can play DVR-MS files without transcoding?

    Having all my TV locked into a box in my lounge seems to me to be a waste of a good platform.

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