FUZE Delivers Whole-House Audio with Media Center

I posted the press
release from FUZE Media System
yesterday, but be sure to check out the write-up
on CE Pro for more
.  The PC is really
a Velocity Micro system (I guess you get a hint on what the surprise was now
that I talked about last
in relation to Velocity Micro having the CableCARD market locked up),
but they don’t like to call a Media Center PC opting for the more CE
device-like approach like
Alienware is going for

These “Media Systems” provide up to 5 HD video streams and
13 audio streams in a multi-zone whole home setup, something no one else has
yet done in this fashion.  Control is
offered via several controllers and panels, the most attractive to me is the 4”
FuzeTouch panel that is powered over CAT5, meaning no additional wiring.  Perfect for a retrofit.

According to CE Pro, prices range from around $10,000 to
$25,000.  Not too bad when you look at it
from a CI perspective, but way too much for many of you reading this right
now.  I would really like to see FUZE
offer a package geared to enthusiasts. 
While it is surely not there target market, I’ve been waiting for
someone to step up and offer a small package for just multi-room audio with
Media Center.  Maybe two-to-four audio
only zones for a more reasonable cost then $10,000.

2 thoughts on “FUZE Delivers Whole-House Audio with Media Center”

  1. Looks pretty sweet. But after reading the CE Pro writeup, it seems that a lot of the cool multi-zone functionality is for music. It’s impressive. But if my primary interest were multi-zone music, I’d take the $1k Sonos system over the $10k Fuze system in a heartbeat.

    But to each his own…..


  2. I wouldn’t mind spending 20k on an all-in-one solution. But without home automation functionality I’ll pass until someone comes out with an actual VMC based all-in-one.

    I do like the fact that this system is proposed to be fairly maintenance and tinker free. As much as I like playing with settings and adding on functionality, it would be nice to install a permanent VMC system in the house that would increase the value of the house. Most pieced together systems would be too complex to sell along with the house and expect the new owners to understand how to operate it — or that sometimes this certain thing doesn’t work, or sometimes you have to hit this button twice, or reboot if this certain software freezes.

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