7 thoughts on “v2 Extender Roundup from DigitalLife – $300 and Up”

  1. WTF? With prices like that it’s just stupid. I’ll have a couple xbox 360 to go, please.

    I was expecting DMA2100 to be about $150 to $200 tops. This is crazy. Maybe they’re just targeting installers. It’s stupid.

  2. Anything on the Linksys models as far as audio/video connections?

    Will there be component video outs?

    Will there be optical outs for sound?

  3. WTF is wrong with these people? Target high end installers? Ya thats a good plan. Not only can the average Joe never afford these over priced losers but then you get to have the installer mark it up. I’m so GDMF sick of M$ I could spit. They are doing their best to kill off the coolest technology they’ve ever created. MCE, OCUR, now this. Douch# bags

  4. Oh my, what an emotional rollercoaster. From extreme excitement yesterday to stomach sickening disappointment today. A $300 extender, my god. I expected them to be high, like $199-225, but $300? I hope another 3rd party can do better, like do force wireless-N on me if I don’t need it. I’m an enthusiast, so I have a wired home… lose to wireless and give it to me for $199 and I buy 4 of them today. Until then they won’t get a dime from me.

  5. There is no way I’m spending more than $200 for one of these. I’ve only seen the specs on the D-Link model but it looks like it only supports 10/100 ethernet. How much more expensive is a gigabit ethernet connectivity? I can’t believe they would go with “next generation” N wireless but not consider including gigabit ethernet support a must.

  6. Why so expensive? Is it the Wireless-N support? The ability to stream 1080i? HDCP support? High licensing costs?

    They have to know that a $300 price point is “Ouch!”.

    I could easily buy at least 3 extenders: Move the MCE to the server room and put an extender under the main TV. Put an extender in the wife’s studio. And a great extender option would be integrated with a small flip-down LCD TV, for mounting under the upper kitchen cabinets.

    But $300?


  7. I was planning on two v2 extenders, but if I saw this option “And a great extender option would be integrated with a small flip-down LCD TV, for mounting under the upper kitchen cabinets” than it would have been three. But not for $300 a pop.

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