Movie Browser Does Cover Flow in Media Center

Another day, another movie cataloging plug-in for Media Center!  This time, it’s a beta Flash-based plug-in that uses a Cover Flow type display to cataloged DVDs.  Dubbed Movie Browser, it runs on Media Center 2005 and Vista Media Center, and is available for download now (beta).  The source code is also available.


On that topic, things are looking good for a mega-DVD library plug-in for Media Center.  Over the weekend Open Media Library was put up on Google Code, and since then things have expanded quite a bit.

Other developers, including Treas0n (the developer behind the above Movie Browser) and Sam Saffron (the developer behind Video Browser) has hinted at joining forces with the Open Media Library project to create a killer DVD Library for Media Center.  This is going to be very interesting to watch.  One of the critical downfalls of Media Center development in the community has been single person projects that end up dying over time.  The concept of an open source project with three very active developers could result in an amazing project.

4 thoughts on “Movie Browser Does Cover Flow in Media Center”

  1. That is one great looking interface.

    The other critical downfall I find with community projects is that to often they do not work on extenders. Hopefully this project will scale up in the home.

  2. Wow is a very good looking interface, I’m going to installed as front end for Mymoves. Well at list I’m traing to do so.
    I’ll like to see this project grow, very good job Treas0n.

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