International Green IT Awareness Week – Ótimo evento

E assim foi, um ótimo evento sobre Green IT, lá estavam empresas como a 1E, ComputersOff, ComputerWorld, ioSafe, Tafe NSW e VMware. Em breve vou lançar uma série de artigos sobre TI Verde e este foi o primeiro passo para me especializar, lá tive acesso aos seguintes temas:


Dia 1 – 01/01/2010


·         The Green ICT Framework – Structure and Metrics

Graeme Phillipson


·         People, Leadership and Change stream – Transformation, empowerment and best practice

Anthony Ogilve


·         Energy Consumption of the Internet

Rod Tucker


·         Procuring Green IT – tips and tricks to get the outcome you want

Amelia Chapman


Dia 2 – 02/06/2010


·         What’s GREEN got to do with IT?

Tashweka Anderson


·         Separating the facts from marketing spin: What constitutes Green IT

Peter Hopton


·         Implementing Green IT in the Workplace: Assessing, Measuring and Monitoring your IT Footprint

Jessica Vreeswijk


·         IT Energy Efficiency 101: What General Managers Should Know

Mike Walker


·         Going Green: Quantifying the Benefits of Green IT Strategies and Solutions

Jose Inglesias


·         Implementation & Best Practice / Evolution of ‘green’ expectations

Doug Smith


·         Developing a Green IT Strategy

Zak Stroud


·         The Road to Sustainable IT

Shaun Scallan


Dia 3 – 03/06/2010


·         Application of ISO 38500 to the Green IT Agenda

Mark Toomey


·         Greening IT through Trigeneration

Glenn Allen


·         How to convert offices to using thin-clients to replace PCs as a business case

Peter Caron


·         From KPIs to the Business Case – Return on Investment on Green IT?

Dominique Brack


·         From ICT supply chain sustainability to ICT tools that can help to measure, certify, and lower the impact of the supply chain for other products.

Donato Toppeta


Aguardem novidades, muitas novidades neste sentido, para breve.


Obrigado pela leitura e até a próxima publicação,



Cleber Marques

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