FREE external drive!!! Yep, FREE!!!

I ran into the perfect product tie-in for our course.

Lacie makes an external hard drive called the Brick, and it is shaped like a Lego Brick. Nice and colorful, and the perfect playful image that we want to project.

So, here is the deal, be one of the first 8 to sign up for our course, May 8-12 in San Francisco (OK, it is actually in Fremont) and I upon completion of the course, I will give you one of these to take home with you. How big? I promise it will be at least 160 GB. I may go bigger depending on the deal I get when I buy them.

Go to (one of our training partners), click on Training, Microsoft Clustering (which gets you to here and the click on Registration.

Or, you can just call them. 763-416-7066, ext 117 will get you to Michael Bergstrom. He will be glad to help you sign up.

For more information about the course, go to and click on the Outline button and the Our Advantage button.