Exchange Server 2007 Resources

I have been busily upgrading my brain from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2007. Along the way, I have been accumulating information on Exchange Server 2007 resources. So, to make life easy for me (yep, for me), I am going to consolidate my resource list right here. I invite everyone to share, and I invite everyone to invite others to share.


So, here we go:

First – I love the new office website at Microsoft. If you haven’t been to the Exchange Server website lately, it is time for another visit. Next are just lots of great links for different things with Exchange Server 2007. Have fun!



Exchange Server 2007 High Availability



Exchange Server 2007 Resources



Microsoft Exchange Team Blogs as Summarized by Evan Dodds

Exchange Wiki – Hosted by




Exchange Server 2003 Mobility

Time for some fun. The following are my links and favorite sources of information for Exchange Server 2003 mobility.

First, one of my favorite sites is Eileen Brown’s Blog. The following are some fantastic articles on Mobility that she has on her blog.

Maintaining ActiveSync access to Exchange 2003 mailboxes after deployment of Exchange Server 2007 CAS role

Great Windows Mobile 5.0 Utilities

Cluster Training in London

The contract is finally complete. We will be partnering with Global Knowledge in the UK to provide a cluster training class. Come join us March 6-9, this year.

Global Knowledge issued this press release today: The actual location has not yet been selected. I have requested that it be someplace close to Heathrow airport to make it easier for those coming from other countries in Europe. It may end up in downtown London, though, depending on availability and classroom size.

So, anyone in Europe that would like to attend the training provided by can now save some money and attend the class in the UK instead of flying across the pond. We are all excited about doing this class and hope to fill up the classroom like we do in New York at Netlan and in Denver at Ameriteach.

I am really looking foward to this trip.

2400: Implementing and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

My boss decided to put up blogs for all of the trainers at the company. Rather than give up my current blogs (this one and my more personal blog), I decide to focus the blog at Ameriteach on the courses that I teach. So, as I teach courses, I will create a blog on the course outlining additional information and correcting any problems that that I find.



I will also be putting it together as a Wiki so other trainers, students, and the general population can add to it. The goal is to build something that my students can use to learn even more about Exchange and to also provide this same value to other students for other trainers around the world. After all, why should they reinvent the wheel?


I will post as soon as the Wiki is up and running.