Upper, Lower, and Mixed Case with SQL Server 2005 Clustering

I had a well known geek in my cluster class last week. Ben Miller, a former Microsoft MVP lead and SQL expert sat our cluster class, www.clusterhelp.com.


During our many conversations, Ben told me about a problem he ran into recently in SQL Server 2005 clustering. Basically, the issue is that the way the server names were recognized differed depending on what tool pulled the name since the different applications did not pull the name from the same place in the registry. So, if one node was all upper case, and the other node was mixed case or lower case, clustering would install and work just fine. However, SQL Server 2005, which pulls the name from a completely separate key in the registry, does not install properly unless both nodes are all upper case.


Ben says he is going to blog more about the issue after he has a chance to do some further testing and documents the issue completely. During class, he was able to replicate the problem with complete predictability.


See Ben Miller’s blog for more detail.


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