TechEd 2008 PreCon: High Availability Planning with Windows Server 2008

I just wanted to point out that there will be an excellent Pre-Conference session on Windows Server 2008 High Availability with several demonstrations at the upcoming TechEd in Orlando.

You can see the pre-conference sessions here:

I have multiple reasons for promoting this session:

PRC18 High Availability Planning with Windows Server 2008

Speaker(s): Manish Kalra

This pre-conference seminar is designed to help you build a highly available infrastructure for all your organizational needs. We cover the deep technical issues to be addressed and all the possible issues you could run into when designing a Messaging, Database, Virtualized, Web, and File/Print infrastructure

Reason Number 1: It will have lots of great information on Failover Clustering and using Failover Clustering with key applications such as Exchange and SQL.

Reason Number 2: While Manish Kalra is not the speaker, he is the Business Lead for High Availability for all of Microsoft, and he is responsible for making this seminar happen. Manish will absolutely be involved in the presentation, and will make himself available during the presentation time as well as during the entire time of TechEd.

Reason Number 3: You will get the best bang for the buck as you, the attendee, will get a chance to see several demos and get to hear lots of pointers on the proper way to deploy Failover Clustering as well as Network Load Balancing.


The real reason I am promoting this besides that it is great stuff on clustering? OK, I confess! I will be presenting the content of this session along with good friend Rodney R. Fournier. While I am no longer a Microsoft MVP (because I am now a Microsoft employee), you can still see my MVP Profile for some more info about me.


Updated: Feb 3, 2008. I also wanted to add that Microsoft will have some of its key players available during and after the Pre-Con seminar to answer questions. At this time, it looks like we will have some excellent hardware as part of the demo. I will provide more information as it is solidified.


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