Exchange Server 2007 Disaster Planning

During my one day pre-conference session at Exchange Connections, I heard a desire for something that doesn’t exist today. Later in the week, I sat in the back during a Harold Wong session, and the same topic/request/demand/whatever came up.

The basic is this:

  • Customer sets up CCR in site1.
  • Customer sets up CCR in site1 as an SCR source to a member server in site2.
  • Customer wants to activate SCR destination because of a problem with bandwidth from site1 to site2 and from site1 to the Internet. (expected outage of less than 4 hours)
  • Customer activates SCR target. Customer does not want to take down CCR in site1 as employees in site1 still need to access email server.
  • Bandwidth issue is fixed.

Customer wants sync between SCR target (which is now active) with the CCR cluster in site1.

So, to summarize, customer wants something like Active Directory’s multi-master multi-write database copies with back fill capabilties, but for Exchange mailboxes.

hmmmm…. 🙂