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MOM 2005 and SQL Server 2000 SP4 – Original Posted Jun 27, 2005

What in the world was Microsoft thinking?


I was installing MOM 2005 and found out that it is not possible to install the MOM 2005 Database on a SQL Server 2000 server with SP4. WTF? That just doesn’t make sense.


Supposedly this will be fully supported with MOM 2005 SP1. Umm, that just doesn’t work for me. So, time to research. Thanks to Neil Hobson, a MOM MVP, a workaround has been published in the MOM 2005 public newsgroup. It is a registry hack, but at least it is a supported registry hack. What needs to be done is that you have to alter the CSDVersion entry located at:


If SP4 is installed, the version number will be 8.00.2039. To get the MOM 2005 Database to install, you need to change the version number to 8.00.761 which is the same one for SP3A and then change it back again after the installation is completed.


Somebody needs to be slapped over this one.


Updated 7/28/05 – Microsoft provides another workaround for this same problem. You can use the msiexec command with the PREREQ_COMPLETED=1 switch to skip the MOM Prerequisite Checker. See KB 902803 for more information.

MOM 2005 and Firewalls – Original Posted Jun 30, 2005

I had to laugh at myself yesterday. It just kills me how a simple search will save you tons of effort and reading…


I am installing MOM 2005 as part of my testing. I ran the discovery and tried to deploy agents to all the computers on my network. Most of the agents installed perfectly. However, I notice that all of the ones that didn’t install are Windows XP computers with Service Pack 2 (no, I am not really going to try to manage them, but I thought it would be interesting to see their data as I get fully up to speed on MOM 2005). Hmmm, interesting. So, I put it aside and figure I will attack it later.


As I am reading through tons of whitepapers, I see the process for manually installing agents using the MOM 2005 install media. Yep, just like MOM 2001, so this is nothing new to me. I am thinking to myself that I will probably need to do a manual install of the agents on a couple of the XP computers that failed and test them out. As I am thinking about this in the back of my mind and reading further, I notice that one of the reasons for doing a manual install of the agents from media is because of firewall issues where the MOM 2005 Managment Server can’t access the computer to install agents because port 1270 needs to be open.


Wait… I am adding in my head, 2 + 2 = 4… There it is, I got it… Firewall issue… XP SP2… yes, there it is, I got it. SP2 for XP installs the firewall by default. I disable the firewall, and all is well. Of course, I could have just created the exception rule, too. I will do that later. I am pretty sure that I will need to open up more than 1270 as RPCs are needed as well.


So, today, I am doing some more digging and I stumble on the KB article 885726 which has been out for a good while now. It pretty much says that MOM 2005 will not be able to install agents on XP with SP2 when the firewall is in use and doesn’t allow port 1270.


One of these days I will learn to do a little searching before I start experimenting.