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Backup Process Used with Clustered Exchange Server 2003 Servers at Microsoft

MS IT: Leveraging dual SMTP Virtual server approach for Exchange 2003 gateway perimeter system – Very, very good read (with pictures)

Cross site moves in Exchange Native Mode – Good stuff from the Man.

More DS/IS prerequisite validation info for cross-site, Exchange mixed mode mailbox moves – Nice!

Command Line Administration of your Exchange Full-Text Index with the help of MSSEARCH_ADMIN.VBS – Are you using Exchange’s Full Text Indexes? Learn more about how they work…–Index-MSSEARCH_ADMIN.html

FSC’s PRIMERGY BX620 S2 server blade sets a world record in 24 hours -dang, this is a big cluster 🙂 18,500 on a 4 node!!!!

Exchange Server 2003 and Domain Controllers – A Summary – Not that this is ever a good idea or anything, but just in case you have too (like SBS).

Microsoft Introduces Microsoft Solution For Hosted Messaging and Collaboration – Interesting to say the least


Software Update for Web Folders

Volume Expansion Using Diskpart.exe


SharePoint Products and Technologies 2003 Reference: SharePointPSSearch SQL Syntax (Preview)


Live Communications Server 2005 Document: Reference Guide

Live Communications Server 2005 Document: Enterprise Pools and Windows 2003 Network Load Balancing


Project 2003 Software Development Kit (SDK)


Medium Business Solution for Messaging Services v 1.0

Visio 2002 Service Pack 2 (SP2)

Microsoft Architects JOURNAL 4 – For Programmers – new

Exchange, XP, MIIS, Misc.


Why does the 2003 ADC randomize the logon name?  – Interesting read, geeky but good 🙂

A security update is available to help prevent the enumeration of Exchange Server 2003 e-mail addresses – Don’t tarpit my email addresses, good stuff.


Deploying Windows XP Service Pack 2 in Enterprise Environments


Microsoft® Identity Integration Server 2003 Scenarios


Medium Business Guide for Antivirus v1.0

MSDN TV: What’s New in .NET Remoting for .NET Framework 2.0


Exchange, SPS, Server, Project, MIIS, Misc.


Exchange Joins Microsoft’s Billion-Dollar Club – Hey maybe Microsoft will lower the price now?

Common Exchange SAN Misconceptions

Be All That You Can Be: Sensible Best Practices for Exchange Availability – Webcast on Jan 27th 🙂

Exchange 12 on the horizon – various articles on the subject:;jsessionid=YUPI3YMXIEXBEQSNDBESKHA?articleId=57702287,1759,1752710,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594,+voice+mail/2100-1012_3-5542542.html?part=rss&tag=5542542&subj=news.1012.20,1995,1752696,00.asp?kc=MWRSS02129TX1K0000535

Microsoft Office Outlook Live: Outlook Lights Up With MSN Hotmail – For $60US/Year you can use Outlook via the web from anywhere. Sure glad OWA is free 🙂 My Outlook client right now is taking 46MB of RAM, wonder how this year will fair? This is the first Office product to go live, more are expected. Hmm Word from anywhere, is that a good or a bad thing?

Search Engines, Bloggers Team to Fight Spam – Cool! My blog does this 🙂,1759,1752338,00.asp


SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Sample: Back Up and Restore

Windows Server:

HTTP API in Windows Server 2003 SP1

Log Parser 2.2

Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Resource Kit Tools

Internet Protocol Security for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server


Solution Starter: Project Server 2003 to ERP Connector


Update for Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 SP1 (KB842531)

Update for Identity Integration Feature Pack 1a for Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory (KB884192)

Microsoft Password Change Notification Service


Microsoft Visitor Center Information for Students

Fast Facts on Microsoft.

Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 2.0 SP1 for Microsoft .NET Redistributable Runtime MSI

Exchange, Office, Medium/Small Business, Misc.


The story of the MSDTC resource and Exchange 200x cluster servers – Finally, the whole MSDTC story revealed in detail. Excellent read. now redirects you to pretty neat 🙂

Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool –

Exchange log disk is full, Prevention and Remedies

Overview of the Exchange 2003 Resource Kit Tools

Microsoft rules out new Exchange data store,289142,sid43_gci1043858,00.html

Upcoming January Webcasts Reminder

Upcoming February Webcasts


Office 2003: XML Reference Schemas

Office 2003 Smart Document Software Development Kit (SDK)

Medium/Small Business – though everyone can/will benefit from them

Introduction to the Medium IT Solution Series

Medium Business Guide for Antivirus v 1.0

Medium Business Guide for Backup and Recovery v 1.0

Medium Business Guide for Pilot Deployment and Migration v 1.0 ( Beta )

Medium Business Solution for Management and Security using Active Directory Group Policy v 1.0(Beta)

Medium IT Solution Series v1.0 Beta

Medium Business Solution for Patch Management v 1.0

Medium Business Solution for Print Services v 1.0

Medium Business Solution for Core Infrastructure v 1.0

Medium Business Solution for Remote Connectivity v 1.0

Medium Business Solution for Client Configuration v 1.0

Microsoft Solutions for Small and Medium Business

Microsoft Solutions for Small and Medium Business


Scriptomatic 2.0

Build Your Own Linux OS – (Make sure your sounds is down, the music is really bad!)

Quote of the day:

“Programming is like sex: one mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life.” – Source Unknown.

Hangover relief can prove deadly – DOH! Somebody should of told me this one a long time ago.

MSDN TV: Write Connected Applications Using System.Net – If you have not watched one of these yet, you should, they are fun 🙂

New Baby, Exchange, Misc.

Big News:

My wife delivered our 4th child last night about 8:30 PM CST. His name is Tanner Cole and he weighed  a little under 6 pounds (2704 grams), and is 18.5 inches long. See him at


Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB890854) 3.33 MB

New BlackBerry site –


Microsoft to expand Redmond headquarters – They must be doing something right in Redmond 🙂

Lots of Goodies, Security Bulletins, Exchange, Windows Server, XP, Office, LCS, Scripting, Misc.

It’s been awhile since I have posted about PCNEWS, so be prepared for a boat load of stuff today. Sorry about that 🙂

Security Bulletins:

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-045 – Vulnerability in WINS Could Allow Remote Code Execution (870763)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-003 – Vulnerability in the Indexing Service Could Allow Remote Code Execution (871250)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-002 – Vulnerability in Cursor and Icon Format Handling Could Allow Remote Code Execution (891711)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-001 – Vulnerability in HTML Help Could Allow Code Execution (890175)


Using Exchange Server 2003 Recovery Storage Groups – this is very, very good stuff

Exchange 2003 /3GB Quick Reference – hmmm.

Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool – Webpack Update;displaylang=en&familyid=4f2f1339-cbcd-4d26-9174-f30c10d7ec4c&displaylang=en

Microsoft ActiveSync 3.8

RPC/HTTP Problems anyone?

Outlook Web Access 2003 Forms-based Authentication and the default domain dilemma – Part 2

Implementing the X.400 Connector – Is It Worth Using with Exchange Server 2003?

Preparing Exchange 5.5 Directory for Migration to Exchange 2003

Fun with changing E-Mail Addresses

Assigning “Send As” Permissions to a user

How does Exchange 2003 Migration Wizard MATCH with Target Accounts?

Upgrading Public Folders from Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 to Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server

Windows Server:

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 – Webcasts:

Thursday the 19th:

Monday the 24th:

Active Directory Schema Modification and Publishing for Systems Management Server 2003

Internet Protocol Security for Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Windows 2000 Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) Review

File and Printer Sharing with Microsoft Windows


Troubleshooting Internet Connection Firewall on Microsoft Windows XP

Troubleshooting Internet Connection Sharing on Microsoft Windows XP

Ad Hoc Internet Sharing with Microsoft Windows XP


Office 2003 SP1 ADMs, OPAs, and Explain Text Update


Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 Capacity Planning Toolkit

Live Communications Server 2005 Document: Deploying Archiving Service


TechNet Script Center Sample Scripts

Do-It-Yourself Script Center Kit


Obtaining and Installing a VeriSign WLAN Server Certificate for PEAP-MS-CHAP v2 Wireless Authentication

Windows Installer Source Location Manager

US exports 42% of global spams

The “Dirty Dozen” 2004: Sophos reveals the top spamming countries – very interesting.

IKEA founder overtakes Gates as world’s richest – TV

Bill Gates Net Worth Page – too funny!

Microsoft Host Integration Server 2004 Product Documentation

.NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP3 Redistributable


STOP THE SPYWARE – Microsoft joins the battle and does an excellent job.

Beta 1 is now public. Visit the above website. Watch the video ( I think every AOL user should watch it and learn.

AntiSpyware (Beta) 1.0 is out. I have to tell you, I swear by Spybot Search & Destroy (S&D) and Lavasoft Ad-aware, but this is really good stuff. It is definitely full featured.


Spyware Scan – a very nice scanning tool. It found things neither of the above mentioned tools found. You can scan memory, cookies, files, schedule it, view the history, etc. Seems to work really fast too.

Real-time Protection – Comes in 3 parts Internet Agents, System Agents, and Application Agents.

Internet Agents – 9 agents. Dial-up Connection, WiFi Connection, Internet Safe Sites, Layered Service Provider, Windows Messenger Service, Spam Zombie Prevention, Internet Proxy Server, Name Server Protection, and TCPIP Parameters.

System Agents – 25 agents. Windows Host File, Windows Services, Context Menu Handler, Windows Shell Execute Hook, Windows Shell Open Commands, Windows System.ini File, Windows Directory Trojans , Windows Extensions, Windows Win.ini File, Control.ini Policy, Ini File Mapping, Shared TaskScheduler, Approved Shell Extensions, Shell Service Object Delay Load, User Shell Folders, Winlogon Shell, Winlogon Userinit, AppInit DLL, Explorer Trojan, Windows Password Protection, Windows Update Service, Windows Protocols, Windows Restrict Anonymous, Windows Logon Policies, and WOW Boot Shell.

Application Agents – 25 agents. Process Execution, Running Process, Startup Files, Startup Registry Files, ActiveX Installation, Browser Helper Object (BHO) Protection, Internet Explorer Explorer Bar, Internet Explorer Extensions, Internet Explorer Toolbars, Internet Explorer URLs, Script Blocking, Internet Explorer Security Settings, Internet Explorer Third-Party Cookies, Internet Explorer Plugins, Internet Explorer Security Zones, Internet Explorer ShellBrowser, Internet Explorer Trusted Sites, Internet Explorer WebBrowser, URL Search Hooks, Internet Explorer Menu Extensions, Disable Regedit Policy, Internet Explorer Reset Web Settings, Internet Explorer Restrictions, Application Restrictions, and Installed Components.

Advanced Tools – System Tools – Systems Explorer, Browser Hijack Restore, Privacy Tools.

System Tools

Systems Explorer – This is a key section that I have not seen in any other product.

Browser Hijack Restore – Take back control of your machine.

Privacy Tools – Tracks Eraser – An excellent CYA tool 🙂

As you can see, this tool does more then I can explain in a simple write up. Download it, install it, use it and be amazed. I am sure you won’t be unhappy 🙂