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Top 10 Reasons to Install Windows Server 2003 SP1 – This seems a little early to me, I have give you one good reason not to – BETA!!!


The SP2 Nightmare: Why I Will Never Install Or Buy Again A Microsoft OS – Hmm, so Robin Good had a tough go, should all just throw the towel in now? I think not. Interesting read though.

TechNet Support WebCast: How to use Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 4.0 to manage application compatibility on Microsoft Windows – If you have not used or seen the ACT 4.0, you are really missing out. You can get any application to run under XP, and I mean any 🙂 Great stuff.;EN-US;895129


SMTP Virtual Server Myths Exposed – Good stuff.


Microsoft unveils SQL Server 2005 offerings,10801,100049,00.html?source=x10

Microsoft launches SQL Server for 2005

Microsoft Ponders Shared-Sourcing SQL Server


Microsoft offers $5 windfall for errant software – Stop laughing, yes you, stop it. $5 is $5 🙂

Microsoft in security tangle – Very interesting commentary.

Microsoft: The Security Problem And The Solution? – Makes you want say hmmm.

Gates Addresses Security Concerns – If only IE 7 would solve our all security concerns…


Trustworthy Computing

Release Readiness Review for Operations Management Reviews (OMR)


Learn to speak like a t33n:

Office 2003 Sample: Creating a Research Service using the Amazon Web Service API

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Windows Server still dogged by ‘blue screen’ bug


How to manually delete a Full-Text Index

Using the Exchange tools ISINTEG and ESEUTIL to Ensure the Health of your Information Store

When Exchange Disaster Strikes – Webcast


PSSDIAG Data Collection Utility


Microsoft Operations Framework Executive Overview

Microsoft Operations Framework Risk Management Discipline for Operations

Microsoft Operations Framework Team Model for Operations

Microsoft Operations Framework Process Model for Operations


Business Intelligence Portal Sample Application for Microsoft Office 2003

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Gartner takes Microsoft to task


Five fast email productivity tips – Great advice.

Top client/server support issues in Microsoft Exchange – Wow! This is really good stuff.

Exchange Webcasts for March – Cool!

Exchange 12 webcast (already recorded):

To view the LiveMeeting recording, go to, Enter Your Name and enter UKESP for organization. Use Meeting ID: HM54RH, Meeting Password: FZC29R. Enjoy 🙂

Protocol reply codes:

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Trustworthy Messaging at Microsoft

Deploying PKI Inside Microsoft

Linux fan concedes Microsoft is more secure – Too funny, and too true 🙂 He he.

Microsoft on ‘rootkits’: Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Will the Treo 700 have Windows? – What is this? Can’t be, tooooooo cool! Might be time to get one.

Sender ID: “SMTP Service Extension for Indicating the Responsible Submitter of an E-mail Message”


Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 Supported Configurations for Service Pack 1

Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Upgrade Checklist


One-on-One with Bill Gates – That is Bill is one wild guy!

Bill Gates agrees – Steve Jobs “amazing” – Bill has the same MP3 player as I do? Now, I truly feel special 🙂 Oh and no I don’t normally read Mac World, but …

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It seems that Microsoft is giving away its AntiSpyware personal/home use only. Professional use will be paid, but the details have not been sorted.


Microsoft Releases ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition


The UK calls Bill a communist – Bill Gates and other communists,39026540,39237159,00.htm

Enterprises Reap Value from Software Assurance Services, Training, and Flexible Payments

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Microsoft will make its AntiSpyware software free of charge. This is very good news, cause I have been using it at work and home; with the beta release, I am growing quite found of it. The current beta expires in 166 days.

“Spyware … is something we need to nip now,” Gates said speaking at the RSA Conference. “We made the decision that all of our Windows licensees should have that capability. I’m excited we got this technology and it addresses a burning need for our users.”

“Antispam Technical Alliance Technology and Policy Proposal”


How does move mailbox really work? – Good stuff

Media Player:

Windows Media Player 10


Using the Wireless Provisioning Services (WPS) Technology Authoring Tool

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Microsoft File Server Migration Toolkit 1.0 – Way, way cool!


.NET Rocks! – Stephen Forte on SQL 2005 – One of the masters talks about the next release of SQL.


XBOX OWA theme is back!  – Nice, very nice and free.

Exchange 2003 Real World Tweaks (Part 2) – Some really good advice 🙂 A must read.

According to you really need to patch all your Exchange servers with “ the patch associated with the Security Bulletin MS05-12 is critical for all Exchange Servers.  A little more information is available in MS KB 873333.

Install the patches.  Get others to do the same.  This is an important OS fix for Exchange systems.” – David Lemson, Microsoft.  “


Securing Enterprise Instant Messaging with Live Communications Server 2005


Hackers target newly disclosed Microsoft flaw

Microsoft’s security chief says Windows safer than Linux


Enterprise Project Management Whitepaper – Quality Management

MSDN TV: Top Ten Tips for Web Services Interoperability

Microsoft Solutions for Small and Medium Business

Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 Management Pack

Security Tuesday is here, Exchange, XP, SMS, Office, Misc.

Security Tuesday:

February 8, 2005 Enterprise Update Scan Tool (standalone version)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-004 – ASP.NET Path Validation Vulnerability (887219)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-005 – Vulnerability in Microsoft Office XP could allow Remote Code Execution (873352)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-006 – Vulnerability in Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Team Services Could Allow Cross-Site Scripting and Spoofing Attacks (887981)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-007 – Vulnerability in Windows Could Allow Information Disclosure (888302)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-008 – Vulnerability in Windows Shell Could Allow Remote Code Execution (890047)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-009 – Vulnerability in PNG Processing Could Allow Remote Code Execution (890261)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-010 – Vulnerability in the License Logging Service Could Allow Code Execution (885834)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-011 – Vulnerability in Server Message Block Could Allow Remote Code Execution (885250)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-012 – Vulnerability in OLE and COM Could Allow Remote Code Execution (873333)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-013 – Vulnerability in the DHTML Editing Component ActiveX Control Could Allow Remote Code Execution (891781)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-014 – Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (867282)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-015 – Vulnerability in Hyperlink Object Library Could Allow Remote Code Execution (888113)

Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830)

Security Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB888113)

Security Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB885834)

ASP.NET Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

Windows Server 2003 –

Service Pack 1 –

Service Pack 1 on Windows Server 2003 –

Security Update for Windows 2000 (KB888113)

Security Update for Windows XP (KB888113)

Security Update for Windows Messenger (KB887472)

Security Update for Windows Media Player 9 Series (KB885492)

Security Update for Windows SharePoint Services (KB887981)

Update for Office 2003 (KB885828)

Update for Office 2003 (KB887980)

Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB891067)


Microsoft to Acquire Enterprise Anti-Virus Security Provider Sybari Software – Very interesting.

What happens during the online Normal backup? Another great blog message 🙂

Using ADModify to Change Exchange Specific AD User Attributes in Bulk – Very useful information.


Deploying Windows Firewall Settings for Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2


SMS February 2005 Security Update Scan Tool


Office 2003 Keypath and Default Installation Settings workbooks


Nerd Quiz – I scored an 84%, DOH!

What is behinds

Microsoft’s long running FTP Service now has a new message:

“We will be turning off on May 1st, 2005.“ It’s sad, but you had to see it coming, right?

Microsoft Creates Free Utility for Detecting Network Sniffers – Nice!

Clean your monitor

Rights Management Add-on for Internet Explorer

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Filter Update for Exchange Intelligent Message Filter – Update to SmartScreen

Update for Exchange 2003 (KB 883652) – Brings Exchange fully up to date 🙂

How to enable the Security tab for the organization object in Exchange 2000 and in Exchange 2003 – Since not everyone knows how to do this.;EN-US;264733

Users can recover deleted items in Outlook 2003, even though you have configured Exchange Server 2003 not to keep deleted items – Very interesting stuff 🙂;EN-US;889680

Recipient Update Service in Exchange Server 2003 may generate multiple incorrect X.400 proxy addresses;EN-US;837041

How to configure an RPC over HTTP topology on computers that are running Exchange 2003 with Service Pack 1;EN-US;841652

Automatic replies and automatic forwards to Internet recipients are disabled in Exchange 2000 Server and in Exchange Server 2003;EN-US;266166

Troubleshooting NDRs with 5.7.1 and 5.7.3 error codes;EN-US;274638

BlogCast: The Exchange 2003 Recovery Storage Group – Good stuff. – 5 MB or so, and maybe slow to start, but worth every second of waiting. A little over 8 minutes long.

IMF and the Junk E-mail folder in Outlook – Evan does it again, another great article.

Exchange 2003 Real World Tweaks (Part 1) – Its always good to look at the basics.

Implementing High Availability for Outlook Web Access using Network Load Balancing – Nice NLB walkthrough.

HP’s Exchange 2003 Academy – Cool, I have heard good things about this training.


Enabling Windows 2003 Remote Desktop Connection remotely 🙂 – Jim McBee found a good one 🙂

How to use the Install from Media feature to promote Windows Server 2003-based domain controllers;EN-US;311078

Solution Accelerator for Consolidating and Migrating File and Print Servers from Windows NT 4.0


Improving Security at Microsoft through Deployment of Windows XP Service Pack 2


SharePoint Products and Technologies 2003 Software Development Kit (SDK)

Windows SharePoint Services Software Development Kit (SDK)


Microsoft SMS 2003 Inventory Tool for Dell Update

Systems Management Server 2003 Troubleshooting Flowcharts


Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Managing Exchange: Product Datasheet (2 page)

Windows Base Operating System Management Pack for MOM 2005


Port Reporter (PortRptr.exe) – New version

PromqryUI 1.0

Promqry 1.0

Microsoft Solution for Windows-based Hosting Version 3.0

patterns & practices Enterprise Library – For programmers

Mapping International Security Standards to MOF

Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Word 2003 Sample: Working with Images Programmatically

Sample Solution for Proposals built on the Microsoft Office System

Microsoft Enterprise Services Overview

Microsoft CLR Overview

Microsoft Application Platform Overview

MSDN TV: Introducing System.Transactions in .NET Framework 2.0

CRM Small Business Fact Sheet

Channel 9 MSDN Video Interview MSR Tour – MS Research, that place rocks!

Microsoft Solutions for Small and Medium Business