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Microsoft’s security card


Interoperability Considerations for IPsec Server and Domain Isolation


Setting Up IPsec Server and Domain Isolation in a Test Lab


A Guide to Domain Isolation for Security Architects



Scripting Exchange Using VBScript and ADSI (Part 2)



Windows Server 2003


Server Isolation with Microsoft Windows Explained


Introduction to Server and Domain Isolation with Microsoft Windows


Domain Isolation with Microsoft Windows Explained


Domain Isolation Planning Guide for IT Managers



SMS 2003 Scripting Guide



BizTalk Server 2004 Product Documentation

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Server Consolidation


Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 to Windows Server 2003 Upgrade – Is anyone still running Windows NT 4.0? DOH! Bummer dude.



Messaging Hygiene at Microsoft – How does MS handle SPAM internally?


Exchange Storage Rules: 15 Ways to Simplify, Solidify and Save



Windows Messenger 5.1



Microsoft® Identity Integration Server 2003 Scenarios



Desktop Patch Management


Desktop Deployment—Office 2003


Patch Management for Servers



Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework 1.0



“Cold” Server Backup for Disaster Recovery–a Microsoft Software Assurance Benefit


Microsoft has launched a new website is all music. Over 150 people have already signed up and you get a free Music Blog.

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WUS – Windows Update Service

Yes, it’s pronounced WUSS. Thank you Microsoft marketing team. Here is a Windows Update Services Overview Guide –



Understanding Exchange Databases Disk Consumption


How to Speed up an Exchange 2000 or 2003 / DC reboot – Excellent ideas J



Microsoft Office Visio 2003 Connector for the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) – Ok, this is pretty neat!



Junk mail king Amir Gans: I’m fulfilling Bill Gates’ ideas – Go get ‘em Bill!

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Taking a good look at Exchange 2003 Mailbox Manager


Scripting Exchange Using VBScript and ADSI (Part 1)


LCS 2003:

Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2003 Hotfix KB 893607


ISA 2004:

Microsoft ISA Server 2004 – I started planning with his over the weekend and I have to say, I like it much better then 2000.



Security Features in Windows XP SP2




Patch Management Using Systems Management Server 2.0



Rory and Scott go to TechEd – A love story

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Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool Version 2.0 Yahoooooo.


Dealing with Outlook Internet Headers


Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005


Couple of Interesting KBs – Hmmm, new stuff.


Some attachments in your e-mail messages are not visible in Outlook Web Access 2003;en-us;888624


How to implement Exchange Server 2003 on a Windows 2000-based cluster or on a Windows Server 2003-based cluster – I think we need version 2 of this one.;en-us;895981


Recommended Mailbox Size Limits


OAB sort orders and character handling



The .NET Show: SQL Server 2005 – 100k


The .NET Show: SQL Server 2005 – 300k


The .NET Show: SQL Server 2005 – Mobile


Live Meeting:

Live Meeting Help File: Live Meeting 2005 API Reference



PST Import Tool for Entourage 2004 for Mac



Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer 1.5

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Folder Handling Denial of Servic – Interesting at best. Scary at worst.



Running websites with Windows NT risky – If you play with fire, you will get burnt. What are all these sites doing using NT 4.0 still? I just don’t get it. This is what unsupported means!!!



Windows XP Embedded SP2 Update: Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) API Replacement Library


Live Meeting:

Live Meeting 2005 Add-in: Live Meeting 2005 Replay Wrapper


Live Meeting 2005 Add-in: Live Meeting Add-in for PowerPoint


Live Meeting 2005 Windows-based Meeting Console Standalone Installer



Deconstructing the Blog – Man this is funny stuff.,4149,27443,00.asp


Surprise–Gates is still world’s richest person – Come on you saw this coming.

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Exchange Server 2003 Security Hardening Guide


Using SMTPDIAG to Diagnose Exchange 2003 Related SMTP and DNS Problems


Microsoft preps real-time communications update


Best Practices in Messaging Security: Managing email security policy and regulatory compliance requirements in financial services, health care and public sector. – Interesting read, requires registration.,39025945,60110253p,00.htm


Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB892236)



Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.1.1 Update



Microsoft to buy Groove Networks

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Live Meeting:

Live Meeting 2005 Document: Live Meeting 2005 Intranet Portal Administrator’s and Programmer’s Guide


Live Meeting 2005 Document: Live Meeting 2005 Deployment Guide


Live Meeting 2005 Add-in: Microsoft Office Live Meeting Intranet Portal



The Evolution of a Programmer – Good stuff and funny J


How good is your backup? And can you restore from it? Very funny!

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Can it be true? The second Tuesday is coming up and we won’t get any patches? Time will tell.



Windows Cluster Edition – Interesting…



Future Exchange distribution media: CDs vs. DVD? Let us know! – the Exchange team wants to know with you prefer. DVD for me thanks!


Sender ID: Sender ID Overview


Sender ID: “Implementation Tips for the Sender ID Framework—Creating Your SPF Record”



Microsoft IT SP1 Deployment Case Study



Mapping International Security Standards to MOF



Securing Wireless LANs with PEAP and Passwords


TechNet Quarter 4 FY05 Downloadable Documents