iPhone’s Magic Little Headphones Button

iPhoneHeadphones04-01Apple packs a lot of functionality into that little button on your iPhone headphones!  There are plenty of posts out that cover some of the functionality, but here’s a consolidated list.

When a call is coming in (the phone is ringing)

  • One click = answer or hang up the call
  • Hold for 2 sec = ignore the new call (and send to voicemail)

During a call with a second call coming in (call waiting)

  • One click = hold the current call and switch to the new call
  • Hold for 2 sec = ignore the new call (and send to voicemail)

Outside of phone calls

  • Hold for 2 sec = activate Voice Control (on 3Gs or newer models)
  • One click = play or pause music
  • Double click = next song
  • Tripple click = go back (start of song or previous song)
  • Click once then click and hold = fast forward
  • Click twice then click and hold = rewind

Up & Down Buttons

  • While music is playing, up & down adjust headphones music volume
  • While music is stopped/paused, up & down adjust ringer volume

Thanks to Brian Hart and ismashphone.com for their posts.  Know of any other functions I’m missing?

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