Personal – 2007

Below are my blog posts from 2007 that have some kind of personal feel: – iPhone
- My WEI score
- Challenge: 24 processes and 378MB. Possible?
- Rambling about WebDD
- lambda vs lamda
- MVP Summit 2007
- html Save As in IE7 produces htm
- Off to plan a Greek wedding
- Outlook rules
- See you at MIX or MEDC
- Vegas MEDC wrap-up
- go URLs at Microsoft
- Back from DevDays
- Back from Berlin
- 33
- Off Topic: 8 random things about me
- What do I plan to do over the next 6 months to become a better developer
- Woo hoo!
- I type 50 wpm
- MS Speak RC Build 21004.01
- PIP in screencasts?
- Some blog maintenance
- My personal Tech Ed wrap-up
- 6 years of hotmail
- Happy Holidays

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