Bookmarks aka Hyperlinking to a place on a page

Bookmarking is hyperlinking to a specific location on a web page, either from within or without that page. In current releases of Publisher there is no support for bookmarking. You can only use bookmarking by writing the code yourself with the HTML Code Fragment to create the links.

Every link needs two parts, the anchor or target destination, and the linkage tag that points to the target. Publisher 2000 already writes two anchors for you on every page, a TOP of page and a BOTTOM of page. A hyperlink to a web page is essentially a link to the TOP of page anchor. That is why by default a web page always loads at the top of the page.

These anchor (target destination) tags look like this:

<A NAME=”TOP”></A>

In between the quotes you name your target. The names of Top and Bottom are already included in a web page so do not use those names when naming your target. Insert an HTML Code Fragment on the page where you need it. Then copy/paste the syntax above into the fragment and modify the name text. The text is never displayed on the web page, it is merely used as the address for the hyperlink to point to. It’s the target destination. For example if you had a paragraph on a web page with a header that says Todays News and you want a bookmark on that header then your anchor tag could be <a name=”todaysnews”></a>

Next you have to insert another html code fragment to write the link that is pointed to your target. The link code looks this:

<A HREF=”#TOP”>Go to top of page</A>
<A HREF=”#MIDDLE”>Go to middle of page</A>
<A HREF=”#READ HERE”>I want you to click here!</A>
<A HREF=”#BOTTOM”>Go to bottom of page</A>

Note these examples are meant to match the anchor examples above.

Place the HTML code fragment on the page where you want this link and copy/paste the code example into it and modify the href to match the anchor name and modify the link text to whatever you want the link to display. Be sure you have that pound symbol in front of the anchor name otherwise it won’t work. The # instructs this as a bookmark, versus a standard hyperlink.

If you prefer to use an image in your link in place of text then simply replace the text that is between the close bracket (greater then symbol) and open bracket (less then symbol), with an image tag that indicates the URL of your image.

An image tag looks like this:

<IMG SRC=””/>


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