Create a "send to friend" email link

Do you want your page visitor to be able to send the URL of your page to a friend recommending it? A “Send to a friend” email link. This is known as a “mailto” link. Such a link will cause the browser to open the registered default email client. With a little bit of code added to the link you can auto-fill the message subject and body.

You can only use this in Publisher with a HTML code fragment. Open the fragment dialog and paste the following code snippet:

<A HREF=”mailto:?subject=Recommended&body=I recommend visiting this page.” TITLE=”Send to a friend”>Send to a friend</A>

After ‘subject=’ and before ‘&body’ you can modify the text you want in the message subject line. Obviously after ‘&body=’ you can customize the body section of the message.

Then close the dialog having positioned the fragment on the page where you want the link to appear.

If you prefer an image rather then the “send to a friend” text you simply swap that text with the code for an image.

Which looks like  <IMG SRC=”/>

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