ConnectionString Manager

ConnectionString Manager

Most of us, who are using multiple SQLServer connections from our applications need to remember the connectionstring to be replaced in web.config to test the application with the different SQLServers. Either each and every time, we need to type the connectionstring parts. I just thought, I could start out writing a simple web application which could create the connectionstring from the Microsoft-provided DataLinks tool and then it can save the connectiongstring to a text file with a specific extension like .scn (Saved Connection Strings). Currently it saves one connectionstring per file, since I felt that would be easy. The other flexible options could be save all bunch in an XML file or as an Registry Entry.

Currently I have included the following basic options in the utility:

  1. Creates a new connection string, sets the item in the system clipboard and prompts to save it to a location.
  2. Edits an existing connection string , sets the item in the system clipboard and prompts to save it to a location.
  3. Double-clicking the .SCN file automatically launches the Edit action for the connectionstring and then the control flow resumes normally.


  1. Optionally, keep all connectionstrings in Registry.
  2. As an addon, encrypt the connectionstring and save it, to enable secure saving of confidential database login credentials.

I would try to upload the utility tonight to my Daffodilnet workspace and then update the URL here.

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  1. hi, Can u tell me how to implement the Connectionstring into a file for .net applications. I hope to communicate with my mail id

    onemore, how to get a company’sname from app.config file to the application’s label1?

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