Any developer using ASP.NET and VS.NET IDE would have experienced issues with Cache Folder of ASP.NET, VSWebCache having mismatched versions and hence breakpoint not getting hit. We normally use tricks like clearing it manually

This weekend, I was relatively free and thought I would get some practice on Windows Forms in .NET. I made a small application in Windows Forms and nicknamed it Dr. IIS.

I have tried addressing the following issues:

  • Recycle ASPNET Worker Process (currently it detects aspnet_wp as processname. We need to generalize it to w3wp for Windows 2003)
  • Restart W3SVC Service
  • Purges IDE Cache (VsWebCache)
    • Detects first any Visual Studio .NET instances are running. If yes, this option is disabled and a button appears to close existing Visual Studio Instances and then the checkbox gets enabled.
  • Purges Temporary ASP.NET Files from the default version of .NET Framework
  • Pause Indexing Service
  • Also checks whether the logged on user is Administrator. If the user does not have administrator privileges, then the application exits.

I understand that there are lot of scope of improvements to this. Perhaps my next TODO in this would be:

  • Generalize Detection of Worker Process (ASPNET for IIS 5.1 or lower and W3WP for IIS 6)
  • Threaded Application Model
  • CommandLine or Silent Mode
  • Detect and Customize the application to the configured .NET Framework (in case multiple versions exist)
  • Selectively add the required folders to Indexing Service Catalog for exclusion from Indexing.

I would keep updating it in my personal workspace and would publish the URL here. Please do send me your suggestions and improvements for the same.

The current download URL is http://www45.brinkster.com/daffodilnet/tools/driis.aspx 

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