Phishing and Fraud

Identity Theft is the fastest growing fraud on the Internet.  It has now got totally out of hand and anyone with a computer with a connection to the Internet should beware of any emails they receive that request Personal Information.

These criminals have got very smart in their attempts to steal your information and use it to run up Credit Card debt, get into your Bank Account and steal your money or even worse steal your entire identity so that they can use it for a someone to impersonate you.

Not Me, you say!  You have no idea how many people have said that and then found that all their passwords had been stolen and with the passwords went the contents of their  bank account and everything else they accessed with a password on the Internet.

If you think you have been a victim of this type of fraud,

1. Change all your passwords

2. Notify your local police

3. Notify all of the companies you deal with online especially your bank and credit card companies.

A new service at one of the forums I work at, was started yesterday:  You can go to

If you can send them the email you received then they will make sure they investigate it, and if proven to be a Phish attempt, they will report it to the FBI and other interested agencies, and then get the website shut down.

Beware of any email that requests personal information. Most sites that require a password now ask you to log in to your account and then give any information they require.  Unfortunately, most of the emails now also ask you to log in to a fake site that looks exactly like the real site. By logging into the fake site, you have given away your password and any other information they can get you to voluntarily release.

There are a few programs that will help prevent you from logging in to these sites. If you are interested in using any of them you can find links to them in the forum at:

The only way that we as individuals can fight this scourge is to post any suspicious emails into the Phishing Tool at castlecops or to any other site working to stop this.  If you are a member of eBay or PayPal they have their own sites set up to get these websites shut down. The email address to send your suspicious email to is either or respectively.

Don’t become a victim!  Be suspicious of any email you receive that is from someone you do not know or from someone you do know that unexpectedly asks for personal information.

Winter Has Come And Gone, Now Its Spring And Malware Is As Active As Ever!

Nice warm weather and sun in April makes me think the summer will be very hot here in Canada.  With spring comes more new malware, these malware makers never take a break from trying to fry some poor individual’s computer.  The bugs get nastier all the time and with luck everyone is keeping their Antivirus defiinitions up-to-date, has a firewall and also some form of Antispyware software, to scan with at least once a week.  There are several free Antispyware programs mentioned in my article

As with all other free software, the scumware makers regularly release their own software which will leave viruses and trojans on your PC rather than remove them.  Sure they’ll remove some of their competitors malware, but leave their own behind to wreak havoc on your PC.  Some do not leave any footprints, and they are the ones you need to remove as soon as possible.  They are often left there to steal any information that they think might be useful.

Beware of them, scan at least once a week, with your AV program, and Antispyware program/s and if something is found, go to one of the online AV scanners and allow it to remove everything that it finds.  Please remember that when you are scanning, have all other windows closed.  When a program is left running, the scanner will not be able to scan those files properly.

Remember, a fast and happy computer is one that is Spyware-free!


Vista Launch Postponed

The launch of the new Operating System to replace XP has been postponed for the average person until after Christmas this year.  Microsoft anticipates that Vista will be launched in January 2007 for new PC’s.   Microsoft was responding to the retail sector who did not want instability in the marketplace during the Christmas season.  The launch to the Business sector will have a different date.

This announcement was made to the press on March 21, 2006

Microsoft’s OneCare Antivirus

Microsoft has an antivirus program in beta testing called OneCare.  The latest update links OneCare with Windows Defender. In case you are not aware of this Windows Defender is Microsoft’s new name for Microsoft AntiSpyware.

The two are now one and are still in testing as a beta. I do not believe a release date has been set but if you want to try it out you can get a copy from:

Have a great day!