More Phishing, More Fraud

The phishing game goes on! As more websites are shut down, more appear.  Every day the volunteers at Castle Cops get more sites shut down and they are getting to the point that they are overwhelmed by the numbers they deal with every day.

Please don’t stop pasting your email into the Phishing Tool, we are slowly making headway to get this evil off the Internet and make it a safe place to surf again.  Without your help, it won’t happen.  

The laws are changing to get these criminals prosecuted and your email is helping.  Unfortunately, there are still people who respond to these emails and surf into the nightmare of having their Identity being stolen. These victims lose a lot of money and anything personal, to the criminal element and one day we hope to have this evil removed from the Internet.

  If you receive an email that you are suspicious of, please go to:

Read the information there, and then use the Phishing Tool to get whoever sent you the email shut down and subsequently arrested.  The volunteers at Castle Cops report all proven Phish attempts to the authorities who are involved in the fight, and those authorities get the proof they need to arrest and prosecute these criminals.

Don’t get caught answering a suspicious email!