Where Ya Been dgosling?

I guess it’s about time I updated my blog since almost a year has passed. You see, I am not a blogger by nature. So many MVPs have GREAT blogs, and regularly give the public current information as well as their thoughts and ideas, that I find it impossible to write anything meaningful.

 I like to teach, I like to help people, I like to give people an impartial look at computing and other topics.  I really hate it when I find someone who has been victimized by the scumware makers, so they end up losing all of their data to something they had no control over.

The Internet is portrayed as almost a miracle because it allows people to access all kinds of information they never could in the past.  It is definitely no miracle when we hear almost daily of Identity Theft and many breaches  of individual confidentiality.  The sad reality of today’s world. 

  • Every time you surf the internet without protection of Antivirus and Firewall (at a minimum) , you risk losing all the information on your hard drive.
  • Every time you download email from unknown sources you risk downloading malware.
  • Every time you download email from someone you know, there is a possiblity that their computer has been compromised and some malware will be included or attached to their email.
  • Every time you click a link included in an email, that link may take you to a spoofed website that looks almost identical to the real site.

How do you protect yourself ?

  • Have a full time Antivirus program with up-to-date definitions that scans email as well as all files.
  • Have a Firewall active at all times on your PC
  • Have a full time AntiSpyware program with up-to-date definitions that works the same as your antivirus program
  • Do a full scan regularly at least once a week with your AntiVIrus program and AntiSpyware program.
  • Keep your browser updated and Windows updated so the vulnerabilities have been taken care of.
  • Be careful when surfing.. if you go to a website and you are asked to approve a download…DON’T
  • beware of websites that look odd or have images that look odd on the page.
  • if you receive an email from a bank, eBay, Paypal or somewhere that offers a secure login. Check to make sure it is from the place it is supposed to be.  If you are suspicious about where the email originated you can find the IP address in the header of the email and paste it into the box at http://www.samspade.org/
    • In Outlook Express right click on the message and choose ‘properties’ then click the ‘details’ tab. You will find the header of the email and if you look for the first entry of “Received From” you will see the IP address beside it. Copy the IP address and then paste it at http://www.samspade.org/ and hit ENTER. The next page will tell you where the email came from. If you don’t recognize it, then delete the email without clicking any links.
    • Eudora and other email programs that include the header in the email, just find the first instance of the originating IP address, copy it, then paste it  at http://www.samspade.org.
    • you can also hover your mouse over each link in an email and the link should show up in the status bar. If the link is NOT to the expected website then delete the email.
    • eBay and Paypal copy all emails they send to the message area of your account. If in doubt about the legitimacy of the email, check your account, if the message is not there, it is NOT from them.
    • most if not all banks will notify you online at their Website if they have something to tell you. Check your account online if you doubt the source of the email.
  • Many scams sent by email look very legitimate, don’t get caught by them! They are ALWAYS too good to be true.
  • Be Wary and Be Aware when using the Internet, that will save you a lot of heartache.

 Have Fun While Using the internet…when it isn’t fun anymore, it isn’t worth it!