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Today after many months of preparation, AntiSlyware opened for business!  AntiSlyware joins as another forum created by the fertile mind of Tom Wilson. It can be found at 

There are many differences between and AntiSlyware with the most obvious being the lack of a classroom to teach the general public how to help others with malware infections.  Instead of a classroom Tom offers his users specialized help with Windows, Linux, and Unix led by Wolfgar, Fyredragn and Jam^.   Instead of making malware the focus of the forum, it has been given equal emphasis with Hardware, Networking, and Operating Systems. Malware or Slyware (as Tom calls it) is probably the most prolific thing affecting the average user today.

Among the special things you will find at the new AntiSlyware forum is a security blog by Corrine, a well known Microsoft MVP who is frequently seen at  Landzdown and Freedomlist.  Of the different areas we have available for our users, there is one to help those with Malware (Slyware) infections. In this area we offer well trained staff to give our users the best help available.  A general area for those with questions or issues covering Windows 9x through Vista and a Networking area with one of the most skilled people in the antispyware community leading it – Fyredragn.  We have  an area for those using Linux or Unix as their operating system led by a well known member named Jam^. Another area covers any questions and discussions about hardware. Our  Windows and Hardware forums are led by another skilled member of our community by the name of Wolfgar. 

Wolfgar is well known for his IRC chat server “wolfchat”  that holds all of the AntiSlyware chatrooms.  A java client is available at AntiSlyware for those users who do not have an IRC client such as mIRC.  This will allow those who need immediate help with their computer to access our trained staff after posting in the forum.

We invite everyone to try us out, drop by for a visit, I believe you’ll find something you like.  If it is questions about your computer, or to get help with a malware/slyware infection, we welcome all who drop by. Come one …Come all …Try Us Out!! [:D] [D] [^]

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