Happy Birthday To You My Computer!

Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you….Happy Birthday my trusty desktop
computer…you are 3 years old, today.   


A Hewlett-Packard
a510n, it has been a reliable and predictable, performing remarkably well, with
few repairs. Since the life expectancy of a desktop is about 5 years, and this
computer has all the features I will need (as
long as I stick with XP sp2 Pro)
it should last a few more years. 


there is noticeable slowing after I update my third-party software, since the release
of Vista. 
All third-party software is being updated by their developers so it will
run with Vista.  The updates for the software that runs with
XPsp2 are now bloated, and the software itself is using more memory, so it can co-exist
with Vista, despite the fact I am still
running XP sp2 Pro. 


So what
to do.. buy a new computer? Buy a new desktop computer? Buy the laptop I’ve
always wanted? OR Simply upgrade the RAM in my current desktop to give it a few
more years of life without struggling along like it is now. Maybe I’ll do both,
or all of the above, but realistically I’m far from rich so that is just a

Think simple…Think cheap!


One thought on “Happy Birthday To You My Computer!”

  1. Great idea to wish your computer a ‘Happy Birthday’, expecially if it is performing to your satisfaction.
    Not rich either so can relate to what I have and what I would like to have.

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