A New Year Full Of Promise

Happy New Year to one and all!  2008 is the year we are going to gain an edge on Malware and begin wiping this scourge from the Internet! 

With the armies of people fighting the Malware we have to gain an edge at some point, and 2008 is as good as any year.  The antispyware forums, software developers, Microsoft, the media, and government awareness of the problem, is growing. Ordinary people surfing the Internet are becoming more aware of the implications of surfing the internet without protection. They are protecting themselves with Firewalls, Antivirus and Antispyware programs and keeping them up-to-date.  Microsoft has taken a large step forward into secure computing with the advent of Vista in 2007.

 Having a positive attitude can work wonders!  I hope  that on January 1, 2009 I can look back at this blog and see that my predictions for 2008 were true.  There are simple things each person can do to ensure their safety on the Internet:

  • every individual learns about safe-surfing techniques
  • every parent teaches their children how to protect themselves on the internet
  • every parent uses Parental Control programs to protect their children from websites they shouldn’t visit.
  • each and every person makes security of their PC the most important aspect of computing
  • each and every person follows the instructions on the Microsoft Security At Home Website to keep their PC safe.
  • most importantly each person who uses a computer becomes aware of the risks of not protecting their PC. 

 If everyone who uses a computer does the above, my predictions for 2008 can become reality!


the other hand, if my predictions fall short and you become infected
with malware, please visit Malware Complaints  to tell your story.  Visiting Malware Complaints  will broadcast your difficulty to those that can change laws and help all people who surf the Internet,
toward the day when this scourge no longer exists!



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