But My OS is Linux, I don’t need security! …or do I?

 People who use Linux as an Operating System, often say they
don’t need to protect their computer from Malware,Spyware, Adware,
Identity Theft etc etc. because they believe Linux is not at risk
partly because it is not  the main target of the scumware writers. 
Well they are wrong.  The Malware writers are increasingly aiming at
the alternate OS’s with their scumware because it is more of a
challenge now than Windows. Every hacker/cracker writes scumware for
Windows, not every hacker/cracker writes for Linux. BUT the day is
coming folks when Linux will be as heavily infected as a Windows OS. 
Many of the Security recommendations are the same as they are for
Windows, but there are also unique

Minimal protection for a Linux System is:

  • a firewall such as  Smoothwall Express  or SmoothGuardian  which is a commercial firewall with more advanced features. Please read   A Linux Firewall Primer  for a discussion of the use of Firewalls in Linux
  • the National Security Agency of the US government has been researching
    the use of firewalls in Linux.  This research of  Security-Enhanced Linux has resulted in the development of the SELinux firewall, and several versions available for download making this an excellent site for security information related to the Linux OS.
  • an Antivirus program to prevent viruses from infecting the
    Windows computers that connect to your system several are discussed in Antivirus Solutions For Linux  
  • Keeping the OS up-to-date is as important with Linux as with
    Windows to prevent any vulnerabilites in the Linux core OS remaining
  • run the OS as a ‘Limited User’ rather than as ‘Administrator’ will prevent many infections from taking over your system.

For an excellent article about Security on a Linux system including why
it is necessary and measures you can take beyond the above, to protect
yourself please read:    Best Practices For Securing Your Linux System.

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