Malware Meant To Destroy Your Life As You Know It

 Almost 2 years ago I wrote the first article called Protection For Your PC and the second Protection For Your PC – Part 2 almost 6 months ago.  All of that information, though 6 months and 2 years old respectively, applies today. However, in the past 2 years since I wrote the first article, the nasties have become nastier, the ID theft more rampant, and the scumware writers more adept at creating Spyware, Malware and other Scumware that is harder to detect and more invasive into your private life.


Though gains have been made against this evil that has entered our lives with the computer age, there are still plenty of scumware writers out there producing junk to make your life miserable. The scumware writers took a hit when Microsoft introduced Vista last year, but they are rapidly trying to get back their hold on the Internet and more needs to be done to stop them. 


The next article in the series: “Protection For Your PC – Part 3” is here today.  In it I have focused on the worst and most malicious of today‚Äôs Malware, because it is the most damaging for the innocent computer user and web surfer.  This particular type of Malware surfaced in the fall of 2005 and is much more difficult to recover from than the advertising  popups, the spyware that tracks your online surfing habits, and the take over of your computer by an infection so that you are unable to surf the internet.  This type of Malware steals your identity and takes over your life, not just your PC. 


Please read Protection For Your PC – Part 3  for an update to my previous articles and added information on Securing your PC.  Other articles on PC security will follow.



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