Wireless Computing and Security

 Have you joined the wireless world?  Many people think of wireless
technology as applying only to computers.  If you have a cordless
phone, a garage door opener, GPS in your car, a satellite hookup for
your TV, or a cell phone, then you have been using wireless technology
as long as you’ve been using those items.  Surprised?  Many people are
when they realize they have been using a cordless phone or garage door
opener, for several years. 

In the computer world you have
Laptops/Notebooks,  PDAs (personal digital assistants), wireless
keyboards and mice and anything else that inter-connects without wires
or batteries, that is related to a computer.

The one thing most
people don’t realize is that using any of the above devices creates
it’s own security problems.  Anyone using a cordless phone should
realize that their phone calls can be intercepted.  Most people have no
reason to worry about whether someone is listening to their calls, but
there are occasions when the information discussed in a phone call is
so sensitive that they should not be using a Cordless phone or cell
phone to make the call.  Would you want a call to your bank
intercepted? or A call to your physician? or  A call to your lawyer? 
Businesses are more at risk than the average person because sensitive
information is often discussed by phone, but more businesses are becoming aware
of how insecure using wireless technology actually is.

If you use
wireless technology, you should be aware of the Security necessary to
keep your interactions over the device secure.  No matter what wireless
equipment you want to use, there is wireless technology available for
someone who wants to listen or steal the information you are sending
over that specific equipment. Now, the information sent by a garage
door opener isn’t particularly sensitive but people use phones,
laptops, PDAs, keyboards etc., to exchange sensitive information with
others that they don’t want to share with others. This is especially
true over the Internet.

If wireless computing is in your future, make sure you pay as much attention to Security for the device as you do to choosing and purchasing a laptop.  For different ways of making sure your wireless computing is secure, please read  Wireless Security – A Timely Topic,    Wireless – Why Do I Need Security?  and  Wireless Security – How To Protect Yourself
If a cell phone, cordless phone, wireless keyboard or mouse or any
other devices is in your future, then the some security information
about these devices is in   Wireless – Bluetooth Device Security.

 Securing and Protecting yourself and your information should be
at the top of your list, before using the wireless device you have
chosen. Sadly in this computer age, security and protection are
becoming absolutely necessary before we can enjoy our ‘electronic
toys’.  Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing evils of the 21st century. 


One thought on “Wireless Computing and Security”

  1. Bluetooth users are reasonably well covered by the 10m range (class 2) that most devices currently have. I think the real Bluetooth security risk will arise when more class 1, 100m devices turn up.

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