Your Home Is As Secure As Your PC…Right?….WRONG!!

Is your home as secure as your computer?  If your answer is “Yes it is”, then you are WRONG.   

For your computer security you have installed all the recommended security programs
and a Firewall, set all of your software to download updates as they
become available, and your computer is now as secure as possible. But have you added the equivalent protection to your home?

reporter with WMC-TV memphis discovered that all the locks you have
carefully installed and use, won’t keep a thief out of your home.  The
tecnique used to enter your home is called “Lock Bumping”. The
following video from WMC-TV Memphis demonstrates how insecure your home
is despite the locks you have installed. You will be taken to YouTube when you click the following link:

Lock Bumping and Bump Keys

watching the video and finding out how easily a thief can break into
your home, you should be concerned or even a little afraid.  As a
service to its viewers, WMC-TV also posted another video giving you

Solutions To Lock Bumping

help you secure your home at a reasonable cost. There are other videos
on the site that give more detailed information about Lock Bumping. 
Check your security today, both on your PC and in your home!



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