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There is a new forum that may be of interest to Windows, Linux and/or Cross-Platform developers.  The  Linux and Windows Development  forum was started by my son Darin who has most recently been programming linux software. Interested in programming since he was a child, he continues to find it a very satisfying hobby.  Another area of interest for him is Security for personal computers.  At Linux and Windows Development  he hopes to create an area where programmers can discuss their interests, share their knowledge and ideas about the different Operating Systems, about Security or to just chat.  

His interest in PC Security stems from the knowledge that people are more in danger of being attacked by malware today, than ever before.  Identity Theft has become a major issue, more so because many do not take the threat seriously until they become a victim.  In his forum he hopes to encourage the development of tools and software that will be effective in the fight against today’s malware.

The forum opened recently and Darin is now looking for people to help him  build an inviting place for those with similar interests.  Moderators and FAQ writers for all platforms are also needed.   If you are interested in helping him create a thriving forum for programmers to meet, please drop by Linux and Windows Development  and send him a PM, including your interests and background. 

Even if you do not have time to help, please visit  Linux and Windows Development and take a look around, you may find something that interests you!  Please register at the forum and introduce yourself to everyone.



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