Vista : Retour sur le chat du 09/01

Un chat sur Vista a eu lieu hier soir et comme il n’est pas frappé du fatidique NDA, je vais en profiter pour le commenter :

Elliott [MS] (Expert):
Q: Had a lot of trouble with early builds getting SATA to work. Is that better in latest builds?
A: early builds did have issues with SATA drives. In builds 5270 or higher many of these issues have been resolved.

Les problèmes qui se posaient pour installer Vista sur des disques SATA sont presque entièrement résolus.

Srivatsa (Expert):
Q: Where can we learn more about this new DUAL BOOT system that’s built into Vista?
A: There is limited documentation about boot configuration data that is online now.

You can find them here : BCD FAQ

BCD WDK help :
<Debug Vista>
<Drv Tools>

BCD WMI provider

Joscon [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: Is it possible to set up a dual boot with WinXP x64 and Vista x64? If so, how? Every time I have tried, the WinXP install gets trashed.
A: You can run the fixntfs tool from the root of the Vista install to fix that issue

Astuce pour faire marcher XP x64 et Vista x64 en dual boot.

Elliott [MS] (Expert):
Q: Why setup takes 4 hours?
A: the next CTP build will address setup performance issues.

Dean Frost [MS] (Expert):
Q: It would be nice to see some type better visual indicators that something is happening during installation rather than a progress bar that appears to be stagnant.
A: The setup process speed should be increasing progressively from build to build. As it improves, you should actually see the progress bar moving, and not seem so stagnant. Adding more information to setup as to what is going on, is being looked into as well.

James [MS] (Expert):
Q: When can we expect to see an optimized version of the setup program so installs don’t take 1.25 hours?
A: While speed optimization is an ongoing process, you should notice *big* speed improvements for Setup in the next build we release.

Dougall [MS] (Expert):
Q: -what- exactly is going to increase setup speed during installation in later builds?
A: We are using a new build process called staging, which in effect is that we are pre-sysprepping the builds internally before release so that we can cut down on a lot of the one-time action items that have to happen during setup. I average about 30 minutes on my staged build installs.

Stephen Lodwick [MS] (Expert):
Q: What is the “staged build” we hear about in hushed tones on the beta groups?
A: A “staged build” is a build that has been installed, sysprep’ed, and imaged. This is how most large customers (OEMs, Corporations, etc) deploy Windows. There are several benefits of this type of installation: consistency of experience (less moving parts), more reliable, and quicker install times.

Logique : on optimise l’installation au fur et à mesure des builds. La prochaine version verra apparaître le mode “staged”.

James [MS] (Expert):
Q: I saw that with the 5270 build the setup improved greatly including the setup of users at the end of the setup. The problem with it currently is that it leaves the Administrator account active and no password and not even prompting for a password. Bad?!
A: This is a known issue about which we are definitely aware. It’s definitely a bad thing (from a security standpoint) and it’s something that is planned on being resolved before we ship.

Le compte Administrateur restera t’il avec un mot de passe vide ?

Dougall [MS] (Expert):
Q: When will the next CTP be released? Before the TAP launch on Jan 25?
A: We cannot say at this time the exact planned dates for the next CTP release or any build for that matter. If you are a TAP customer, please follow up with your TAP Program Manager for specific details.

Pas de date révélée pour la prochaine CTP Build.

Scottmca[MS] (Expert):
Q: What happened to the “repair” option durin install? Is it coming back? If not, why not?
A: The ability to repair a system has been moved to the Windows Recovery Environment(WINRE) which you can get to by booting off the Vista DVD. There is some information about it in the help.

Il y aura un nouvel envirronement de dépannage plus avancé que ce qui existe actuellement dans XP.

Joscon [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: what is the good amount of ram one should have to experience vista?
A: I would say a good “general” amount would be 512MB – 1GB. I have had good experiences with both amounts of RAM, of course, the more, the better 🙂

Au prix actuel de la RAM, 1 Go, ce n’est plus excessif.   😉

Elliott [MS] (Expert):
Q: When will we be able to “upgrade” XP ?
A: look for the next CTP. 🙂

Certainement un scenario de test non supporté, mais c’est bon à savoir…

Elliott [MS] (Expert):
Q: Is there a sysprep available for the 5270 build?
A: yes- its installed as part of the OS now.

Elliott [MS] (Expert):
Q: In Q82, you indicated that sysprep is in 5270–where do we find it?
A: %windir%/system32/sysprep

Sysprep est maintenant installé avec le système.

Scottmca[MS] (Expert):
Q: Are there going to be seperate media for the different SKU’s or will the version be dependent on the product key entered?
A: it will be dependent on the product key entered

Si je lis bien entre les lignes, il n’y aura donc qu’un seul DVD pour tous les types d’installation de Vista possible. C’est plutôt une bonne chose !

Elliott [MS] (Expert):
Q: Since the same DVD will be used for both server and client editions, will there be anything to stop someone from say Server 2003 upgrading to vista client or from xp to vista server ?
A: setup will block unsupported scenarios.

ça confirme donc le choix d’un seul support pour toutes les versions de Vista.

Elliott [MS] (Expert):
Q: re q94 does that mean customers will be able to get hold of WINPE 2.0 officially
A: We just posted something about this up on TechNet. We’re making WinPE widely available — there may be some restrictions on who can use it, but anyone should be able to download for evaluation and development.

WinPE sera proposé au téléchargement, avec quelques restrictions d’utilisation.

Joscon [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: Not that I have a preference – but will Vista be shipped on DVD and CD?
A: There should be both, spanned CD and DVD

Vista devrait être proposé à la fois sur CDs et DVD. (sous réserves de la décision finale de MS)

Joscon [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: 1. How has setup changed since Windows XP?
A: Simple answer, Vista is now image based.

L’installation de XP est dorénavant basée sur une image, ce qui réduit le temps d’installation.

James [MS] (Expert):
Q: When entering in the Key either to install Server Core Edition or any other Edition (If not allready), will it give you a notice to tell you what Windows Vista Edition you are installing?
A: There will be no notice from Setup about this, because once we ship people will be quite aware of which edition they’ve purchased before they even enter it into Setup.

C’est dommage, car il y aura forcément des problèmes de clés pirates et ça permettrai de le savoir rapidement au cours de l’installation. (un particulier avec une clé corp., c’est souvent un Windows pirate…)

Dougall [MS] (Expert):
Q: Drivers drivers drivers – why are you guys not bundeling old drivers with these releases? I’ve got NIC cards that can’t get identified, but in XP it was built into the OS installer and found them just fine.
A: We are including some legacy drivers and some we are not. We have established a certain bar of acceptable driver stability, and if the vendor is not willing to support / update their driver and hardware, we pull the driver from inbox. We will be putting alot of the legacy driver packages on Windows Update.

C’est le serpent qui se mords la queue… comment faire une mise à jour de carte réseau sur Windows Update sans la carte réseau pour se brancher à Internet ? Il faudrait conserver plus de pilotes pour les cartes réseau…

Stephen Lodwick [MS] (Expert):
Q: Drivers drivers drivers – why are you guys not bundeling old drivers with these releases? I’ve got NIC cards that can’t get identified, but in XP it was built into the OS installer and found them just fine.
A: This is a great question. However, out of the scope of this discussion. I will mention, that there is a supplimental drivers disk that will contain know mass storage, video, and networking drivers that have high attach rates. This will certainly help out in most situations.

Heureusement, il est prévu un disque de pilotes pour les matériels les plus courants. Ouf, bonne idée !

Joscon [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: Will Vista play DVD movies without the need of installation of software like PowerDVD, …?
A: No, you still need a DVD decoder

Il n’y aura pas de décodeur MPEG2 (DVD) inclus dans Vista. Il faudra, comme pour XP, ajouter un produit “tiers”.

James [MS] (Expert):
Q: Will beta testers be getting a free cd/dvd once vista is officially launched? 😛
A: No final decisions are made on that.

Une licence Vista pour les Bêta-testeurs ? P’tet bein qu’oui, p’tet bein qu’non…

Dean Frost [MS] (Expert):
Q: My biggest problem with the installation in 5270 is the lack of information. It’s hard to tell if its doing anything. Could we maybe have a sort of “Copying xxx.dll” text? It would really help tell that the installation hasn’t died.
A: This is being looked into. Unfortunately no concrete information at this time.

C’est pourtant une bonne idée…

Stephen Lodwick [MS] (Expert):
Q: What are the chances of seeing some sort of mini-browser during the setup so if users need to have 8 GB free, they could browse the partition from the setup and delete a few files to get it down to an installable size?
A: There will not be a mini-browser available but you can press “SHIFT-F10” while the OS is installing. This will open a command prompt and allow you to remove files and leisure.

Encore un petit truc : [Shift] + [F10] durant l’installation ouvre une fenêtre de commandes.

Elliott [MS] (Expert):
Q: When will Vista support upgrade from one Build to another?
A: build to build upgrades are not typically supported. However, for each externally dropped build guidence will be given on what paths will be supported.

L’upgrade de build à build n’est pas normalement supportée.

Elliott [MS] (Expert):
Q: In the next CTP build will the Vista boot screen be changed to reflect the actual name of the OS? 🙂
A: yes

James [MS] (Expert):
Q: When will we see the boot screen reflect the name Windows Vista?
A: Usually this is done later in the development process. I’d hazard a guess that it’ll be in place in the final release, but even that I’m not 100% certain of.

L’écran de boot sera modifié, certainement pour la RTM (version finale) de Vista.

Dougall [MS] (Expert):
Q: couldn’t try for myself, does 5270 support installing/booting from removable drive. If it doesn’t will it support at RTM?
A: Yes it does, but the BIOS has to support booting from a USB device.

Il sera possible de booter/installer Vista depuis un disque USB. (ça va raaaammmmeeeerrrr…)

Scottmca[MS] (Expert):
Q: Are we going to be able to build our custom vista installations with XIMAGE and burn them on to a DVD that we can keep, and install like the stock vista?
A: Yes Vista will support the ability to create sysprepped images that you can deploy via various methods(network, dvd, etc…)

Allez hop, chacun son install. perso de Vista !

jeffpatt [MS] (Expert):
Q: is ipv6 enabled by default in vista?
A: Yes, both IPv6 and IPv4 are enabled by default.

IPv6 est activé par défaut.

Richard [MS] (Expert):
Q: why isn’t setup restartable at certain stage, will that remain until rtm
A: We’re going to make setup so fast that failures simply rollback to your old OS and tell you what bad thing prevented the process from succeeding.

Simple et génial…

Srivatsa (Expert):
Q: After installing Vista (on a separate partition) and attempting to dual-boot with XP Pro we are unable to boot into Vista and simply get a black screen; we can use fixboot to get XP back up and running, but any suggestions for getting Vista working?
A: Try fixntfs -lh all. This will update the Vista Bootcode that will look for Vista Boot manager.

Pour corriger un dual boot avec vista :    fixntfs -lh all

Richard [MS] (Expert):
Q: What is the performance expectation of Longhorn/Vista install/setup? I have not seen an install that can be completed within an hour. We understand that it will be improved build to build. But will the installation time for Vista shorter than W2k3?
A: The goal is for this to be less than XP at time of release — look for this to improve dramatically when staged builds come online.

Le temps d’installation de Vista devrait être inférieur au temps d’installation de XP !

Stephen Lodwick [MS] (Expert):
Q: SamW is this chat under NDA?
A: Sam’s machine is not responding, so I will answer. No, this is not under NDA (per SamW)

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