Sysinternals : quelques webcasts

Si vous me lisez depuis un certain temps, vous savez que les outils de Sysinternals sont un “must have” dans ma trousse USB.

4 WebCasts en Anglais sont maintenant dispos sur le site It’s ShowTime, par l’auteur de ces outils, Mark Russinovich :

TechNet On-Demand Webcast: Windows Vista Kernel Changes: See Mark’s TechEd/ITForum presentation on the many interesting changes in the Windows Vista kernel, including SuperFetch, User Account Control, Prioritized-I/O, revamped logon architecture, and more.

TechNet On-Demand Webcast: Advanced Windows Troubleshooting with Sysinternals Process Monitor: Mark gives a tutorial on some of the many powerful Process Monitor features and shows you how to leverage them to troubleshoot common application and system problems.

TechNet On-Demand Webcast: Advanced Malware Cleaning: Learn from Mark how to use the Sysinternals tools to identify malware infestations, from standard spyware to kernel-mode rootkits, and clean them off your systems.

TechNet On-Demand Webcast: Windows Vista User Account Control Internals: In this TechEd/ITForum session Mark goes inside the various technologies that come under the umbrella name User Account Control (UAC), explaining their role and how the work. Mark concludes with a look at how UAC will affect the evolution of malware.

Et le lien utile pour finir le billet : le téléchargement de la suite complète.