Xbox 360 : mise à jour le 4 Décembre 2007

Les principaux changements :

As promised, Microsoft is bringing some early gifts to your Xbox 360® just prior to the holiday season. Beginning at 0200 A.M. PST on December 4, 2007, the Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update will be available for all connected Xbox 360 consoles free of charge, bringing an array of new features and enhancements to the leading gaming and entertainment system.

Among the key new enhancements are the previously announced Xbox Originals game download service, Family Timer parental control feature, and expanded social networking experiences. Xbox 360 owners can also look forward to enhanced navigation, profile, and video features and Xbox LIVE® Arcade Hits.

This free update will be digitally distributed over Xbox LIVE to the more than eight million Xbox LIVE members worldwide (Xbox LIVE Silver and Gold) with no disc or hard drive required. If you don’t have an Xbox LIVE account, you can easily sign up for the free network by connecting your console to a broadband Internet connection. New features and enhancements include:


  • Xbox Originals: With this new service, announced on November 13, you can download-to-own full original Xbox® games that were previously only available at retail. The digital shelves will always be stocked with classic titles, such as Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, Crimson Skies®: High Road to Revenge™, Halo®, Fable®, Fuzion Frenzy®, Psychonauts™, and more as the catalogue grows over time, at 1200 Microsoft Points per game.
  • Xbox LIVE Arcade Hits: On Xbox LIVE Arcade, the Arcade Hits program kicks off as some of the best-selling Xbox LIVE Arcade games become available at permanently reduced prices, making it easier than ever for everyone to build a library of downloadable games! The first games to become Arcade Hits will be Bankshot Billiards 2™ and Lumines™ Live!, which will be available for 800 Microsoft Points each, and Marble Blast Ultra, Small Arms™, and Zuma® Deluxe, which will be available for 400 Microsoft Points each. With free trial downloads for every game and over 100 games to choose from, Xbox LIVE Arcade offers something for every member of the family.

Find out what’s new at from your dashboard.


  • Inside Xbox: A new direct feed brings current news straight from into the Xbox LIVE Dashboard providing an easy, predictable entry point where you can discover what’s new in game releases, events, Xbox LIVE Marketplace offers, and lots more.
  • Enhanced online profile: If you’re interested in sharing a few more details about yourself you can go beyond your motto and further personalize your profile with an expanded bio. The extended bios will be visible to “Friends Only” or the entire Xbox LIVE community.
  • Expanded Friends List access: A quick and easy way for gamers to expand their personal community on Xbox LIVE, members will be able to see the Friends Lists of other Xbox LIVE members, boosting their social networking experience on the service.


  • Enhanced Parental Controls: Family Timer, a strong and flexible new addition to the Xbox 360 Family Settings, enables parents to set the amount of time their Xbox 360 can be used on a per-day or per-week basis by their children or other members of the household.
  • New video features: The convenience of full-screen movie previews and enhanced video codec support further expand the options when it comes to the Xbox 360 entertainment experience.
  • Easy-to-use navigation features: With several noteworthy changes in the Xbox LIVE Dashboard, from the new Game Store button to the Video Store button to enhanced visuals and descriptions in the video library, Xbox LIVE members can find what they want, when they want it.

et les petits détails :

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  • Improved Video Library.
  • Improved visuals and descriptions.
  • Users can now sort movies and TV Shows in the video library by Title or (Download) Date.
  • TV shows can now be grouped by Series .
  • Group video and game trailers .
  • Art associated with personal video files on a portable device will now be displayed.
  • Easier to use media areas and improved metadata .
  • Improved source selection for video, picture, and music libraries, making it easier to switch between console/digital camera, computer, portable device or disc.
  • New “Suggested Items” link for downloaded movies.
Feature Details:

Media – All

  • Added more user friendly text for various error related messages
  • Added Shortcut keys from Remote Control: Pressing Play on a Video/Song/Picture will immediately start playback of that item from the list (pressing Start from gamepad does the same thing)
  • Added support for Album/Video artwork larger than 500kb
  • Added support to enumerate metadata in the background and not just when selected by the user
  • Added support to make sort options sticky across console reboots
  • Added support to show all available Media Sharing Servers on the local network and allow automatic re-affiliation
  • Automatically delete older versions of Optional Media Update package when new ones are downloaded
  • Improved consistency in storage naming across all areas
  • Improved performance for displaying Album Art when connected to remote sources
  • Improved text messaging when connection to PC is lost when streaming Music/Photo or videos
  • Improve boot speed with media when console startup is to boot-to-dash

Media – Music

  • Added support for CD Playback from music area in Xbox 360 Guide area
  • Added support for listing multiple computer sources in Xbox Guide music sources
  • Added support for Y button to toggle full screen on and off for music visualizer
  • Disable ‘play all’ button when folders only contains playlists (with no audio files)
  • Disable Y button when no list items selected in Music player
  • Improved device support for new iPods (classic and 3rd gen Nano) – iPhone and iPod touch are not supported
  • Improved error handling for mixed encoded playlists (aac,mp3,wma)
  • Improved handling for MTP Music devices with >200k entries
  • Improved handling of game background music after playing videos in Dashboard
  • Improved handling of music playback over games (if music source terminates or has errors, background music returns to game background)
  • Improved performance for “Play All” with attached MTP devices
  • Improved performance of music enumeration via Guide
  • Improved robustness when playing back HFS+ formatted iPods
  • Improved support for returning to game background audio when user’s music player session terminates
  • Improved support for scrolling song lists while listening to music during game playback
  • Improved support when ejecting game disc while selecting music source through Guide

Media – Pics

  • Added support to display PNG files when streamed from Windows Media Player 11 on Vista
  • Improved enumeration for PTP cameras including Cannon Powershot SD 630 and Apple Iphone
  • Improved playback performance of “Play All” when PC source has 1000s of photos and subdirectories
  • Support Folder view of Photos from MTP Portable Devices
  • Media – Video
  • Added 2 line support for entries in the Video Area of the Media Blade
  • Added ability to recognize Colorspace attribute for Video Marketplace Content
  • Added fade in transition for start of video playback
  • Added full screen buffering animation for streaming videos from Xbox LIVE
  • Added Suggestions scene for Video Library area in Media blade of the Dashboard
  • Added support for 16x Fast-forward/Rewind
  • Added support for AC3 embedded audio (see video faq for full information)
  • Added support for enumeration of video files from Zune 2.0 devices
  • Added support for Left Shoulder button on controller to chapter skip backward
  • Added support for Left Trigger button on controller to rewind
  • Added support for moving past the point user has viewed when doing progressive downloads of Video Marketplace videos
  • Added support for MP3 embedded audio (see video faq for full information)
  • Added support for Mpeg-4 part 2 video files in AVI containers
  • Added support for Right Shoulder button on controller to chapter skip forward
  • Added support for Right Trigger button on controller to fast forward
  • Added support for Zune Podcast video playback from Zune device
  • Added support to display metadata and thumbnails embedded in video files
  • Added support to enumerate .divx video files
  • Added support to group TV shows by Series in Video Library of Media Blade
  • Added support to group Video and Game Trailers into same area of Video Library of Media Blade
  • Added support to sort Movies or TV Shows by Title or Download date in Video Library of Media Blade
  • Added top level support to show expired or soon to expire information for purchased movies from Video Marketplace in Media Blade
  • Improve support for “Play Now” calculations with ISP that boost download for the first 20MB of a file
  • Improved accuracy of bookmark positions when video player abnormally ends
  • Improved accuracy of download progress bar after chapter skipping operations
  • Improved auto resizing experience for small (under 100×100) video files
  • Improved Bookmark / Resume experience with 60fps Interlaced WMV videos
  • Improved bookmark support while progressively downloading videos from Marketplace
  • Improved calculations for “Play Now” for Video Marketplace downloads
  • Improved deinterlacer support for video playback
  • Improved enumeration speed for user-generated video content in Media Blade
  • Improved error message support when playing back video files without valid licenses
  • Improved error message support when pulling USB drive while playing back video files
  • Improved handling for USB memory stick removal while on Video device selection list in Media blade
  • Improved handling of video playback when transitioning from 4x FF to Play with MP4 video files
  • Improved handling of WMV bookmarks when rewinding and shutting down video player
  • Improved info pane timer when playing back DRM’s WMV content from Windows Media Player 11 from Windows PC
  • Improved message support for progressive video playback
  • Improved overall UI, content descriptions and navigation of Video Library of Media Blade
  • Improved performance during Fast Forward to Playback transition when playing back MP4 content
  • Improved performance for buffering and playback of streaming videos from Xbox LIVE
  • Improved performance for low bandwidth streaming of MP4 videos from Zune PC software v1.0
  • Improved performance of skip forward/backward with WMV video files
  • Improved performance of trick modes when streaming videos from Zune PC client
  • Improved performance of WMV playback for WMV7 & WMV8 encoded video files
  • Improved playback experience after extended pauses of video files from Marketplace
  • Improved playback experience when resuming from a stopped/paused state
  • Improved playback performance for h264 720p .MOV files
  • Improved playback performance with 1920×1080 MP4 files
  • Improved playback performance with 5Mb h264 encoded video files
  • Improved playback performance with 60fps 720×480 MP4 content
  • Improved playback performance with h264 files in .m4v containers
  • Improved quality for upscaled user videos when played back full screen
  • Improved quality of MP4 decoder: Global Motion Compensation and VMX optimizations
  • Improved quality of MP4 decoder: improved Interlaced Support
  • Improved quality of MP4 decoder: Out of order frame output, bidirectional motion vector handling, etc.
  • Improved quality with  non-square pixel video files
  • Improved responsiveness of trick mode controls for video playback
  • Improved robustness during chapter skipping of h264 video files
  • Improved robustness for streaming problematic video files from Zune PC Software 1.0 or Windows Media Player 11
  • Improved robustness of video player when playback catches up to downloads in progressive playback scenarios
  • Improved robustness of video streaming when network congestion / stalls occur
  • Improved robustness when closing video player after attempting to play a video file that would not open
  • Improved robustness when entering and exiting video playback on a portable device repeatedly
  • Improved robustness when exiting video files encoded in h264 and playing back from attached USB HDD
  • Improved robustness when playing back Mp4 video with consecutive bad aac samples encoded into it
  • Improved robustness when shutting down console during h264 video playback
  • Improved robustness when trying to play a video recently moved from MU to HDD or vice versa
  • Improved robustness with video player when exiting player via Xbox Guide button -> Y
  • Improved support for AAC-LC 2 channel encoded audio in MP4 video files
  • Improved support for chapter skipping during progressive downloads of Marketplace Video content
  • Improved support for MP4 video files with discontinuous time stamps encoded in
  • Improved support for MP4 video playback from burned optical dvd-r’s
  • Improved support for resuming downloaded videos after reaching end of an uncompleted download
  • Improved support for resuming partially downloaded videos from Marketplace
  • Improved support for using Big Button controller during video playback
  • Improved support for Video bookmarks when playing MP4 videos from USB portable hard drives
  • Improved sync of video display and info pane display when rewinding
  • Improved text for Windows Media Center setup instructions
  • Improved Trick mode support when streaming videos with AAC embedded audio
  • Improved video performance for 60fps interlaced WMV videos
  • Improved Video performance with 15Mbs 1080i 24fps WMV video files
  • Improved video playback for Fast-forward and immediate exit usage with h264 video files
  • Improved video playback of MP4 content from Zune PC Software v1.0
  • Improved video playback when source content has incorrect sync samples encoded
  • Improved video quality for SD Composite AV pack displays of the on-screen display for video controls
  • Improved video support for chapter skipping of MP4 videos
  • Improved Videotrick mode support with 24fps 1080i WMV video files
  • Improved visual display of WMV video files while rewinding
  • Improved WMV Playback performance for 60fps and 1080i 30fps videos
  • Improved WMV7 performance with VLC encoded content
  • Removed occasional purple flickers in video playback when transitioning between FF and RW
  • Removed potential 9 second delay when rewinding WMV video files


  • Added fade out transition when powering down console
  • Added fade out transition when launching games
  • Added support for browsing XNA games within the Games blade
  • Added support for video playback from UDFS formatted USB devices
  • Added support for XNA Game Studio Express V.2
  • Added support to connect to Apple Extreme routers in 802.11a/n mode
  • Added support to pause background downloads when streaming full screen videos or ads
  • Added support to retrieve game thumbnail directly from XNA game package
  • Added system wide support for Simplified Chinese language
  • Added text to explain flashing LED in the Ring of Light during background download low power mode
  • Addressed rare case where game disc would spin in the DVD drive while playing HD-DVD Movie in external HD-DVD drive
  • Disable Optical audio output when in low power background download mode
  • DVD player no longer converts to YCbCr709 when output is over HDMI
  • Improved auto sign-in to Xbox LIVE with Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter
  • Improved clock accuracy for S/PDIF optical streams
  • Improved compatibility with NEC WR8400N WiFi routers
  • Improved download speeds when in low power background download mode
  • Improved DVD Tray State notifications immediately after application of System Update
  • Improved Forced Aspect Ratio Changes via HDMI output (including DVI)
  • Improved handling when ejecting game disc during game start
  • Improved handling when removing MU after sending Arcade game recommendation to friend
  • Improved localization text for Wifi setup in German
  • Improved performance for Game Titles to reboot in backcompat scenarios
  • Improved performance of Xbox Guide during Messenger signin
  • Improved robustness when ejecting game disc when prompted for game title update
  • Improved robustness when inserting two MU’s at the same time on the device selector scene
  • Improved support for 3rd Party Controllers
  • Improved support for Buffalo WiFi routers
  • Improved support for Creston AV receivers with HDMI
  • Improved support for JPN Corega CG-BARFX network router
  • Improved support for signing into Xbox LIVE with Big Button Controller
  • Improved support for starting console with Big Button Controller when console is charging attached Wireless Controllers
  • Improved Xbox guide performance ~2x
  • Removed “Windows-based PC” from Computers area in Systems blade
  • Removed option to “Turn off Controller” when using Big Button Controller
  • Resync the Ring of Light pattern to the boot audio/animation
  • Updated copyright dates for 2007

Source : | Full Features List for 2007 Fall Update

(manque plus que le support du divx…   <g> quoique, je me demande ce que signifie “enhanced video codec”…)

Synthèse des Bulletins de sécurité Microsoft de novembre 2007

Une vulnérabilité liée au traitement des URI dans Windows pourrait permettre l’exécution de code à distance (943460)

Cette mise à jour corrige une vulnérabilité signalée publiquement. Il existe une vulnérabilité d’exécution de code à distance liée à la façon dont le shell Windows traite les URI spécialement conçus qui lui sont transmis. Si le shell Windows n’a pas procédé à une validation suffisante de ces URI, un attaquant pourrait exploiter cette vulnérabilité et exécuter du code arbitraire. Microsoft a uniquement identifié des manières d’exploiter cette vulnérabilité sur les systèmes exécutant Internet Explorer 7. Cependant, la vulnérabilité existe dans un fichier Windows, Shell32.dll, qui est inclus dans toutes les éditions de Windows XP et Windows Server 2003 prises en charge.

Indice de gravité Critique

Exécution de code à distance

Logiciels concernés : Windows XP et serveur 2003


Une vulnérabilité dans DNS pourrait permettre une usurpation de contenu (941672)

Cette mise à jour de sécurité de niveau « important » corrige une vulnérabilité signalée confidentiellement. Cette vulnérabilité d’usurpation de contenu existe dans les serveurs DNS Windows et pourrait permettre à un attaquant d’envoyer des réponses spécialement conçues à des requêtes DNS, et ainsi d’usurper ou de rediriger du trafic Internet destiné à des emplacements légitimes.

Indice de gravité Important

Usurpation de contenu

Logiciels concernés : Windows serveur 2000 et 2003.

IE: Cliquer pour activer…

Si je vous parle du procès Microsoft contre Eolas, ça ne vous dira peut-être rien. Mais si je vous parle du comportement d’Internet Explorer qui en a été la conséquence, ça va sûrement vous rappeler quelque chose :

La mention “Cliquer pour activer” qui apparaît sur certains éléments (menus en flash, videos, etc…) est très désagréable à l’usage, non ?

Et bien, j’ai une bonne nouvelle : Microsoft a négocié la licence auprès d’Eolas afin de désactiver ce comportement gênant. Cette modification sera téléchargeable dès Décembre 2007, puis ensuite dans la mise à jour cumulative d’IE d’Avril 2008.

Entre temps, cette màj aura fait son apparition dans Windows XP SP3, ainsi que dans Vista SP1.

IEBlog : IE Automatic Component Activation (Changes to IE ActiveX Update)

Windows Live Wave 2


Alors que les usages du Net sont en pleine évolution et que la consommation du media par les français ne cesse de croître, l’internaute exprime plus que jamais des attentes fortes en matière de simplicité, de performance et de sécurité sur Internet.

Fort de ce constat, Microsoft, annonce aujourd’hui le lancement de 14 nouveaux services Windows Live gratuits en France.

« Avec cette nouvelle génération de services Windows Live, Microsoft met l’accent sur la simplicité d’utilisation et s’adapte aux évolutions d’usages, notamment en matière de partage de photos et contenus numériques », commente Thomas Romieu, directeur marketing et stratégie Windows Live en France.

Les nouveaux services Windows Live sont disponibles sur

Ils se déclinent pour quatre d’entre eux déjà sur mobile : Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Spaces et Live Search s’inscrivent en parfaite adéquation avec les attentes grandissantes des mobinautes.

La richesse de 14 services nouvelle génération en phase avec les usages Internet grand public

Ce sont en effet 14 services nouvelle génération et gratuits qui viennent enrichir l’expérience Windows sur PC et mobile pour encore mieux :

. Communiquer

· Windows Live Messenger 2008, le premier réseau social en France avec 15 millions d’utilisateurs, se dote d’encore plus de fun, avec de nouveaux jeux, des nouvelles possibilités d’échanges photos, des contacts virtuels…

· Windows Live Hotmail s’affiche comme le mail le plus sûr, le plus complet et le plus simple d’utilisation.

· Windows Live Mail, nouveau logiciel de messagerie, remplace Outlook Express et peut s’utiliser hors connexion.

· Windows Live Administration héberge gratuitement la messagerie associée à un nom de domaine.

. Partager

· Windows Live Spaces : c’est le profil Messenger de l’internaute, qui permet de partager vidéos et photos entre amis Messenger, mais également de blogger et de découvrir des amis d’amis.

· Galerie de Photos de Windows Live pour classer, retoucher et partager des photos en ligne.

· Windows Live Evénements pour gérer l’envoi d’invitations et le partage de photos d’un événement (soirée, anniversaire, mariage,…).

· Windows Live Writer : un outil d’édition pour poster plus facilement du contenu multimédia sur son blog.

· Windows Live Favorites pour retrouver en un seul clic ses favoris Internet, quel que soit son lieu de connexion.

· Windows Live Gallery permet de personnaliser gratuitement les services Windows Live en y intégrant des émoticônes et autres éléments.

. Rechercher

· Live Search deuxième moteur de recherche en France, Live Search se dote d’un index quatre fois plus grand.

· Windows Live Toolbar pour lancer des recherches depuis n’importe quelle page web.

. Se protéger avec la famille de services Windows Live OneCare

· Windows Live OneCare, la nouvelle version de la protection « tout-en-un » pour une utilisation plus sûre du PC et du web (service payant). 

· Le Scanner de sécurité Windows Live OneCare : pour rechercher et éradiquer tous les virus sur son PC.

Billet posté à l’aide de Windows Live Writer !

Source : Windows Live Wave 2

Download details: Product Activation for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

All editions of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 are required to complete activation within the first 30 days of use. This bulletin helps customers and partners better understand the technologies used by product activation for editions distributed through retail, original equipment manufacturer, and volume licensing channels. Also discussed is how the hardware hash component of the installation ID is created and the scenarios in which a copy of Windows may have to be re-activated due to a substantial hardware modification.

Download details: Product Activation for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

un gadget Vista pour les gamers

gadget Vous utilisez Vista et vous possédez une Xbox 360 ? Vous aimez jouer en ligne avec vos potes ? ça vous gave d’allumer la console pour constater qu’ils ne sont pas là ?

Alors ce gadget est pour vous !

Il vous indiquera à tout moment si vos amis sont en ligne, ce qui vous permettra de les rejoindre facilement.

Ce gadget est écrit en SilverLight (un flash-like façon Microsoft), il vous faudra donc l’installer avant de pouvoir profiter de ce jouet.

Source et téléchargement du gadget :

Xbox Friends Watch – a Sidebar Gadget using Silverlight | Adam Kinney, Silverlight Surfer