Viruses and famous people: an extremely effective formula for spreading all types of malware

Using the names of famous people is a resource used by many computer virus writers to spread their creations

– Just a few hours ago, PandaLabs detected the mass-mailing of an email message with the subject “Latest News about Arafat!!!”, which actually contains a computer worm

Phrases like “Osama Bin Ladin was found hanged” or suggestive file names like “JENNIFERLOPEZ_NAKED.JPG.vbs” are real examples of attempts to use social engineering techniques to spread computer viruses.

This strategy is mainly used to spread malicious code that reach computers in a file attached to email messages. It basically involves writing something in the message to make the attachment sound attractive to users, such as saying it contains an application, photographs, etc. If this text manages to trick the user into running the file, the worm will be installed on the computer and carry out its malicious actions.

In most cases, users with a minimum experience of using the Internet and email know that these kinds of messages usually harbor viruses and immediately delete them. However, evidence shows that the successful propagation of malicious code that uses social engineering has a lot to do with the bait used in the message. Some of the most dangerous use famous people.

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