Advisory: Opera security advisory 2004-12-10

Platform: All platforms
Severity: Moderate/high
Vulnerable versions of Opera: 7.54 and earlier
Opera security advisory:

- Named frames or windows can be hi-jacked by malicious frames or windows.
- Periods in the file name and non-breaking spaces in the Content-Type header can make the save/open dialog misleading. A user may be convinced that an executable file is something else, for example a PDF document.
- Applets have access to sun.* packages
- Liveconnect: com.opera.EcmascriptObject constructor is accessible to Java
- Liveconnect reveals the path to the user’s home directory. This can make other vulnerabilities easier to exploit.

Opera’s response:

- Tightened origin check for frames. A side effect of this is that documents not passing the origin check will open in a new page.
- Fixed issue reported by Marc Schönefeld: intrusive JavaScript or Java applet could exploit Sun Java vulnerability to retrieve logged-in user’s username and install directory.
- Fixed LiveConnect class access security issue reported by Jouko Pynnonen.
- Fixed Secunia issue SA12981, reported by Andreas Sandblad: periods in the file name and non-breaking spaces in content-type header type could obscure the file type.
- Fixed Secunia issue SA13253: “hi-jacking” a named browser window.
- Improved support for the “must-revalidate” cache directive.

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